MDHI Begins Call Center Sales Operations - Comments on Reaching Profitability

Dec 27, 2012, 09:01 ET from Medical Alarm Concepts Holding, Inc.

KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa., Dec. 27, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Medical Alarm Concepts Holding, Inc. (OTCQB: MDHI.PK), today announced the Company has moved into full sales production with an outbound/inbound call center company with many locations throughout the country.

"Prior to initiating this new call center function, most of our sales were generated via the web and through our retail partnerships. Outbound telesales is another well established avenue for generating sales of medical alarms, so we are very excited to now have this additional sales capability," commented Ronnie Adams, President of Medical Alarm Concepts.  "Late last week, we completed a several week long trial period designed to test our systems and those of the call center. Our systems are working perfectly to date, and we are now in the process of ramping up sales. And, while not the true objective of the trial, the trial period ended up producing approximately 130 full priced monitoring contracts, which was a very pleasant surprise. We are hopeful this new sales channel will soon rival the results produced by our online and retail efforts."

This new call center sales function was specifically designed to allow the Company to meaningfully accelerate its revenue growth rate without affecting the steady growth currently being seen in retail and online operations.

Mr. Adams continued, "We continue to be very excited about the daily growth we are seeing in our Monthly Recurring Revenues (MRR). Based on only the contracts we have currently signed, our revenues exclusively from monthly monitoring contracts exceed our expenses, putting the Company into the black on a cash basis. We expect this MRR to continue to grow on a steady basis, which will allow us to report high quality, recurring profits moving forward.  These MRR-based profits will be further supplemented by our equipment sales to domestic distributors and to our new international partners in Denmark, Ireland, and China. Company management wishes to thank all of our investors who have backed the Company and have assisted us in restructuring our operations in order to enable this profitability to materialize.  We are looking forward to a profitable and high growth 2013."

The MediPendant™ is a second-generation personal medical alarm and the only product in its category that allows for monitored, two-way communications directly through the pendant. Older generations of technology require the user to be in close proximity to the base station in order to speak and listen to the operator.  With the MediPendant™, the customer can be anywhere within 600+ feet of their home, and in the event of an emergency, speak and listen to the EMT-trained operator directly through the pendant.

Additional information on the MediPendant™ can be viewed at

About MDHI

Medical Alarm Concepts Holdings, Inc. (MAC) develops and manufactures innovative products and practical solutions within the framework of a vast growing marketplace. MediPendant's™ patented two-way voice technology enables the user to speak and listen directly through the pendant no matter where the user may be in and around their home. MediPendant™ service also includes advanced features such as three-way calling that enables the operator to link loved ones directly into the emergency call in real time.  Text message alerts are also standard, and are used to inform loved ones that the user has contacted an operator or has requested assistance. A standard medical alarm system does not enable the user to speak and listen through the pendant, thus limiting them to a small area in their home. There is always the risk that the user will not be heard by the call center operator if they are not within a short range of the base station.

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