MeasureOne Releases Comprehensive Securities Data Base For Student Loan Market

Jan 23, 2014, 08:00 ET from MeasureOne

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 23, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- MeasureOne, a specialized data company focused exclusively on student loan data, today released the MeasureOne Securities Insights® data base at ABS Vegas. The new data repository offers investors, issuers and regulators the most comprehensive coverage of and detailed information on publicly traded Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP) and private student loan securities.


Securities Insights is the first in a series of new databases and reports that MeasureOne is developing. In December, MeasureOne released "The MeasureOne Private Student Loan Report 2013," a comprehensive study  focused on the size and the performance of the student loan market. 

Data for Securities Insights is compiled from all publicly available FFELP and private student loan remittance and servicer reports. The database includes 474 deals spread across 51 separate issuers totaling $240 billion in student loan balances outstanding.

The student loan securities data is compiled, normalized and accessible from a centralized user interface. For the first time, subscribers can view and analyze the market, issuers and deals seamlessly.

Clients can also access a data feed of daily updates and download the information directly into their own analytic tools. 

The MeasureOne data includes:

  • Comprehensive set of collateral stratifications;
  • Delinquency, forbearance, prepayment, and other key performance metrics;
  • Bond balances, pool balances and parity ratios;
  • The ability to track deals by collateral stratifications at issue;
  • Trust collections, expenses and excess spread calculations; 
  • Private, FFELP and mixed collateral coverage.
  • Historical data available going back to issuance on private student loan securities and to 2007 on FFELP deals.

Using this data, investors can quickly and efficiently monitor the performance of the student loan market at an aggregate or granular level and benchmark specific portfolios to deals, issuers or a basket of securities.

In addition, traders and modelers can use the data to perform valuation processes, develop market- and deal-level assumptions for defaults, delinquencies and prepayments, and as a result, make buy-and-hold decisions based on the most up-to-date data.

"Today, student loans comprise the third largest U.S. consumer debt market in terms of size, but there is very little data made available to trade, invest and price student loan securities.  This limits participation by investors in the market and drives up the cost of capital for private student loans," said Dan Feshbach, CEO of MeasureOne. "Our new Securities Insights data repository is an important step in developing the same level of contributed data and comprehensive insight that investors, traders and regulated institutions find in the mortgage and other consumer loan markets."

About MeasureOne
MeasureOne, San Francisco, collects, analyzes, and distributes student loan data to provide insight into the nation's $1.1 trillion student loan debt.  The company was founded by Dan Feshbach, who created the mortgage industry's largest cooperative databases, the LoanPerformance databases, which are now part of CoreLogic, Inc. The company developed the nation's largest private student loan data cooperative of contributed loan data from the seven largest private lenders, and the industry's only standardized database of 474 securitizations.  For more information about MeasureOne, visit

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