Media Alert: Finding Republican Voters

New Infographic from Scarborough Reveals Insights into the Republican Voter and How They Can Best Be Reached

Mar 06, 2012, 10:29 ET from Scarborough Research

NEW YORK, March 6, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Super Tuesday, which stands as a litmus test for candidates' prospective national electability, is the day when ten states hold their Republican primaries. A new infographic from consumer research firm Scarborough reveals insights into American adults who are registered to vote, self-identify as Republican and "always" vote in elections. These Republican Voters make up more than one-quarter (28%) of the American adult population and they are a key piece of the GOP voter block.

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Scarborough's Super Tuesday infographic reveals that Republican Voters are 34% more likely than all Americans to listen to news/talk/information radio formats, 10% more likely to read the Sports section of the newspaper and 26% more likely than all Americans to watch Religious television programs. Though other formats might be more widely listened to, read or watched, the aforementioned media types draw the interest of the highest concentration of Republican Voters. By pinpointing Republican Voters' media consumption, marketers can tailor their campaigns to situate themselves in the minds of this target demographic.

Republican Voters are 60% more likely than all Americans to contribute to a political organization and 42% more likely to contribute to a religious one. The environmentally-friendly activities that are popular with Republican Voters are recycling glass, paper, plastic (67%) and electronics (33%), as well as purchasing locally grown food (32%). By identifying how Republican Voters can be reached and revealing activities and organizations that matter most to them candidates and their teams can plan grassroots campaigns with optimal reach and efficiency in the areas and mediums that best capture the Republican Voters' attention.

The top local markets for American adults who self-identify as Republican, that fall within the states that are holding Super Tuesday primaries, are Tulsa (31%), Oklahoma City (30%) and Cincinnati (27%). Once Super Tuesday concludes and an official Republican frontrunner is clear, the rest of the top Republican markets will be back in the spotlight as the election year continues. Overall, the top local markets for Republicans are Harrisburg, PA (34%); Tulsa, OK (31%); and Salt Lake City (31%).

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This data is from Scarborough USA+, Release 2 2011. Scarborough measures 210,000 adults aged 18+ annually across a wide variety of media, lifestyle, shopping and demographic categories.

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