mediarithmics Taps VoltDB's Speed and In-Memory Analytics for Real-Time Digital Marketing Platform in the Cloud

Company replaced NoSQL database with VoltDB to enable instant feedback on advertising campaign performance, real-time decision making and ad bidding

Jun 18, 2014, 09:00 ET from VoltDB

BEDFORD, Mass., June 18, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- VoltDB today announced that mediarithmics is utilizing the high-performance in-memory NewSQL database to provide brands, advertising agencies and ad networks an industry-first cloud platform for data marketing. Exploiting the capabilities of VoltDB, mediarithmics is helping its customers to extract immediate insights from Fast Data and Big Data to target current and prospective clients – at the optimal time – through highly customized multi-channel advertising campaigns.

"With VoltDB's lightning fast in-memory processing capabilities, our platform gives brands the ability to make decisions on vast incoming data streams in real time and adjust marketing campaigns and messages 'on-the-fly' to boost win rates," said mediarithmics CEO Stephane Dugelay. "We are giving customers unprecedented control and management of their user data so that they can reach the right clients at the right time with relevant, personalized content. VoltDB enables our platform to turn data into a strategic asset that will help customers outperform their competitors in digital marketing."

To power its next generation software-as-as-service (SaaS) offering, mediarithmics sought a database that was easy to use and purpose-built for instant processing of fast-moving big data. The mediarithmics Data Marketing Platform brings together multiple components of data marketing, such as data management, multi-channel and multi-screen campaign automation as well as dynamic creative content. The company had been utilizing the Couchbase NoSQL system, but quickly recognized that that each minute lost to batch processing – the norm for most advertising technologies – equated to missed revenue opportunity for its clients. "Hands down, VoltDB is the best architecture on the market for extreme velocity, real-time data processing," added Dugelay.

The mediarithmics' platform taps VoltDB to meet the needs of three distinct customer groups – brands, agencies and ad networks. Specifically, it can be leveraged by brands and agencies to obtain live statistics on the performance of advertising campaigns, processing up to 10,000 events per second. The platform also provides customers with the stream processing capabilities to run 60,000 queries per second using a custom plug-in for RabbitMQ. Ad networks turn to mediarithmics to streamline operations on a single, customizable platform that integrates Data Management Platform, machine learning and real-time bidding capabilities. They are equipped to rapidly build their own proprietary audience datamart and leverage it in an integrated suite covering all digital communication channels.

"mediarithmics epitomizes the market need for an architecture built explicitly to address the combined Fast Data and Big Data requirements of next generation applications," said Bruce Reading, CEO of VoltDB. "Like so many companies, mediarithmics went down the NoSQL path, only to find that the technology can't achieve the processing speed and real-time analytics crucial to serving a staunchly competitive market like advertising. Having the ability to make transactional decisions in milliseconds means the difference between dollars gained and dollars lost."

About mediarithmics
mediarithmics is the first open platform dedicated to the crossroads between Big Data and digital marketing: Data Marketing. This platform is not only open and customizable, but also fully integrated as it brings together multiple components of Data Marketing, such as data management, multi-channel and multi-screen campaign automation (email, real-time bidding, etc.), and dynamic creative content. mediarithmics allows companies to address, on the web, the advertising of their products to the right users at the best time. Thanks to this platform, brands can take control of their large volume of data and use it to target the right clients - current and potential - through adapted advertising and customized messages. For more information, visit

About VoltDB
VoltDB provides the world's fastest operational database, delivering high-speed data processing and real-time, in-memory analytics in a single database system. VoltDB is a relational database that gives organizations an unprecedented ability to build ultra-fast applications that can extract insights from massive volumes of dynamic data and enable real-time decision-making. Organizations in markets including mobile, financial services, energy, advertising and gaming use VoltDB to maximize the business value of data at every interaction. VoltDB is privately held with offices in Bedford, Mass. and Santa Clara, Calif. 

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