Mediatrix Capital Reports on the Case for Trading Gold

Mar 28, 2016, 12:30 ET from Mediatrix Capital Inc.

MIAMI, March 28, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

Mediatrix Capital announced today a world-class algorithm to trade the gold spot market after a development cycle of five years to create this advanced technology.  

"In 2013, after 5 years in development, our firm launched the 'Forex Navigator' trading system and, to date, the system has accomplished 27 straight months of consecutive gains," said Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of Mediatrix Capital Michael S. Young.

Since the beginning of civilization, Gold has been the standard by which to measure wealth and often the most recognized form of currency exchange between cultures.  Thousands of years later, nothing has changed and regardless of the myriads of Fiat Currencies that are now used to define modern wealth, the Gold Standard is still the de facto measurement of value, wealth and stability.  What else does gold represent?  OPPORTUNITY.

Fortunately for investors, it is possible to create exceptional wealth enhancements utilizing gold as a conduit.  For example, when investors enter into a "buy" or "sell," they hold a position to purchase or sell a 100-ounce spot contract of gold at a set price point. Gains are made based on which side of the buy/sell we are on and the market action that moves in our projected trend direction.

Since no probability is 100% correct, the real question is what happens when the system is wrong and a position becomes a losing position?  What happens to the investor's money?  

It is essential to manage risk and to provide both real time Trend and Counter Trend hedging capability.

A Trend refers to the price of gold moving in an anticipated direction. Counter Trend refers to the price point changing direction unexpectedly or at a price cycle changing point.  Both expected and unexpected price changes are Counter Trend.

If a Counter Trend occurs and the price of a position moves against our expectations, the system instantly recognizes a directional change and begins to initiate buy/sell positions moving in the counter trend direction and obtaining profits in the process.  If and when an initial trade was "wrong" and the Counter Trend trades are placed and are "Right," the profitability of the "Right" trades approximately offset the drawdown from the "Wrong" trades.  

Fortunately, the Mediatrix Capital system can tightly identify the Average True Range (ATR) -- which in layman's terms is the size of the up and down price movement -- of the value of gold within short, defined trading cycles. "Up" and "Down" pricing cycles of the commodity are identified by our system and provide a very strong definition of when a "Trend" or "Counter Trend" cycle is about to occur.

When the Counter Trend cycle is getting close to a reversal, the system sells the hedged positions (counter trend) for a profit. This, in effect, leaves the primary position that was wrong (the initial projected Trend position), and which at this point, may still remain a losing position, prior to the market moving back into the direction of profitability for this trade.  

As the cycle reverses again, and begins to rebound "up" the initial loss shrinks and new positions are added to the new trending direction, which creates additional new profit in that directional cycle.  When the cycle goes past the break-even point of the initial "Wrong" trade and returns into the profit zone, the system executes a sell of the original position and takes a profit at the point where it was once in a losing position.  In other words, the functionality of the algorithm is able to make money while the market goes both up and down.

"After 27 consecutive months of gain, and with an average Risk of Ruin Ratio of less than 1/10th of 1% (which is defined as the probability of losing 100% of an account value) these statistics imply that there is more risk from buying real estate and/or stocks than trading with Mediatrix Capital.  For Mediatrix, our Gold System is the Gold Standard," said Young.

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