Medical Device Leader Series: Top Companion Diagnostics (CDx) Developers, Manufacturers and Marketers in 2016

Aug 24, 2016, 09:00 ET from Visiongain Ltd

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Market Analysis and Company Profiles Including Abbott Laboratories, Myriad Genetics, Roche, Qiagen, Agilent Technologies, Siemens, Johnson & Johnson and Other Companies in the US, Europe, Israel, India, Canada and South Korea, Exploring Those Diagnostic Products for Personalised Medicine and Partnerships With Pharmaceutical Developers 

Companion Diagnostics - Discover Leading Companies' Activities and Outlooks
How are companies in the companion diagnostics (CDx) industry performing? Visiongain's new report gives you data, analysis and discussions for producers of those medical devices.

Our study lets you assess top companies in that industry and market, showing you their activities and outlooks. There you see financial results, opinion, trends, opportunities and revenue prediction for those developments in biomarkers, genomics, targeted therapies, theranostics and personalised medicine.

That way you explore the potentials of established and rising companies. Please read on to scan those 17 leading competitors and see what their future market could be worth.

Forecasts and discussions to help you stay ahead in knowledge and authority
Our new study assesses 17 leading companies and analyses that overall market. There you find sales results, revenue forecasting and growth rates. In our 166 page report you get 34 tables, 23 charts and an interview with MedGenome.

You also gain qualitative analyses, including discussion of research and development. Our work lets you assess the most beneficial and lucrative applications of those diagnostic tests for advancing human medicine, making it more personalised. Discover what is happening.

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Company profiles - see why firms succeed, also exploring their potentials
Our report profiles 17 leading companies worldwide. Our investigation discusses prominent companies, exploring their activities by:
• Analysing companion diagnostic product portfolios and technologies
• Investigating the status of commercial developments
• Assessing R&D and applications for those medical devices
• Uncovering organisations' strengths, weaknesses, activities, strategies and prospects
• Giving qualitative analyses and revenue forecasting of the overall world companion diagnostics market from 2016 to 2026.

Our survey shows you how technology changes, as well as explaining how diagnostic needs develop from 2016. Assess the rising demand for companion diagnostic products.

Prospects for US-based developers, manufacturers and marketers
Chapter 4 profiles companion diagnostic manufacturers based in the United States. Leading companies profiled there are these seven organisations:
• Abbott Laboratories
• Myriad Genetics
• Genomic Health
• Thermo Fisher Scientific
• Johnson & Johnson
• LabCorp
• Illumina.

There you discover what the future holds, seeing how companies compare and compete. Suppliers and users of companion diagnostic systems will benefit from 2016.

Outlooks for European manufacturers of those diagnostic medical devices
Chapter 5 profiles companion diagnostic manufacturers based in Europe. Leading companies profiled there are these six firms:
• Roche
• Qiagen
• Agilent Technologies
• bioMérieux
• Siemens
• MDxHealth.

Many opportunities remain, with expanding revenues likely from 2016 to 2026. Discover what is possible, seeing how you could gain.

Potentials of developers and producers in the rest of the world
Chapter 6 profiles companion diagnostic manufacturers based in the rest of the world. Leading companies profiled there are these four organisations:
• MedGenome
• Diagnocure
• Seegene
• Savyon Diagnostics.

Our work shows you possibilities for improving those technologies and raising sales, harnessing biopharmaceuticals, gene technologies and targeted therapies, including personalised medicine. See what the present and future hold, finding how you could gain.

Forces affecting the companion diagnostics industry - what shapes its present and future?
Our report discusses pressures, opportunities and other events affecting that industry and market from 2016, including these influences:
• Biomarker discovery and technologies including genomics, pharmacogenomics, proteomics and metabolomics
• Laboratory developed tests (LDT)
• Theranostics - the fastest growing segment of the CDx market
• Partnerships and other deals, including M&A and collaborations with pharma companies including Eli Lilly, AstraZeneca, Merck, GSK, Pfizer and Novartis
• Applications in cancer therapy and other therapeutic fields
• Regulations for companion diagnostic tests - opportunities and challenges.

With our analysis you assess that industry's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. See what is happening and how to gain. That way you explore what restricts and stimulates companies developing, producing, marketing and selling those diagnostic tools.

Value of that market in 2020 - what sales growth is possible?
Our investigation predicts overall world revenues for companion diagnostic tests will reach $10.52bn in 2020. Those sales will rise further to 2026, showing strong revenue growth. Many opportunities exist for companies large and small as personalised medicine expands.

Ways Medical Device Leader Series: Top Companion Diagnostics (CDx) Developers, Manufacturers and Marketers in 2016 helps your work
In particular our new study gives you this knowledge to benefit your research, analyses, plans and presentations:
• Profiles of 17 leading companion diagnostic companies - assess their products, technologies, partnerships, R&D and results
• Forecasted revenue to 2026 for that overall market at world level - discover expected sales rises for companion diagnostic products, finding the gains possible
• Competition and opportunities - explore what affects that industry, assessing forces influencing its sales and determining its future
• Opinion from an interview with a leading company - gain information to help you stay ahead in knowledge, benefiting your reputation for commercial insight.

That new study, by our in-house analysts in the UK, has the purpose of helping your work. There you gain data and discussions you find nowhere else, helping you succeed.

Independent analysis to benefit your authority on companion diagnostics
Our work gives independent analysis. There you receive competitive intelligence found only in that report, seeing where technological and financial prospects are most promising.

With our study you are less likely to fall behind in knowledge or miss opportunity. See how you could help your research, analyses and decisions, also saving time and benefiting your authority. Explore that industry's future, seeing what is possible and how you could gain.

Our new investigation is for everyone analysing companion diagnostic tests and associated medical products. There you find data, trends, opportunities and forecasts. Avoid missing out. Instead benefit in knowledge and influence by getting our report here now.

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Organisations Mentioned in the Report 

Abbott Laboratories



ARCA Biopharma




Beckman Coulter

BioMarin Pharmaceutical




Boehringer Ingelheim

Brain Resource Company

Bristol-Myers Squibb

CancerGuide Diagnostics

Caprion Proteomics

Caris Life Sciences

Celldex Therapeutics




Clearstone Central Laboratories

Clinical Reference Laboratory


Compendia Bioscience

Crescendo Bioscience

Curidium Medica




Eli Lilly



Exosome Diagnostics


Flagship Biosciences

Foundation Medicine


GenMark Diagnostics

Genomic Health

Genzyme Genetics




Ibis Biosciences

InDex Pharmaceuticals

Invivoscribe Technologies



Johnson & Johnson




Laboratory for Personalized Molecular Medicine

Life Technologies


Medco Health Sciences




Monogram Biosciences

Myriad Genetics




Opko Health

Oxford BioTherapeutics



Progenika Biopharma



Quest Diagnostics

Quintiles Transnational Corporation

Randox Pharma Services

RiboMed Biotechnologies


SABioscience Corporation

Saladax Biomedical


Signal Genetics

Sirius Genomics

Skyline Diagnostics

STARLIMS Technologies




Target Discovery

TcLand Expression

Theranostics (NZ)

Theranostics Health

TIB MolBiol


Tragara Pharmaceuticals



TrimGen Corporation


ViiV Healthcare

Weisenthal Cancer Group


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