MedInformatix Collaborates With Eye Center SEECA to Develop Artificial Intelligence to Quantify Patient Fitness for Refractive Surgery

Custom Solution Combines Several Data Testing Points to Develop Scoring for Patients Considering LASIK and other Refractive Surgery Procedures

Jun 28, 2012, 12:14 ET from MedInformatix

LOS ANGELES, June 28, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- MedInformatix, a leading provider of software solutions for the healthcare industry, announced today its EMR solution is the core component of a custom solution produced by specialty eye care center SEECA. MedInformatix built an EMR solution for the practice that is able to effectively determine through computational analysis if a patient is a viable candidate for refractive surgery procedures. The practice is producing a clinical study regarding the accuracy of its artificial intelligence solutions in predicting patient suitability.

The solution takes advantage of the benefits of computational power that cannot be matched by an individual physician. Traditional determination of fitness for refractive surgery requires physicians to review many data points, which have multiple interdependencies. The MedInformatix-built SEECA system is able to take 20-30 clinical data points and risk factors, such as age, corneal thickness, and various keratometer readings, and provide clear color-coded outputs that state a patient's fitness for various procedures. A physician is still required to review the results; however, he or she experiences significant time savings by no longer performing the computational work.

"Judging a patient for refractive surgery requires the physician to blend data with their personal opinions," said Dr. A. J. dela Houssaye (Dr. D), Medical Director at SEECA. "If you ask four physicians their opinion on one optical patient, you might get four differing answers due to individual weighting of varying risk factors. While these doctors are exceedingly accurate, it illustrates the difficulty of expecting the human brain to calculate up to 30 interrelated pieces of data into a conclusion. With MedInformatix's help, our artificial intelligence system uses modern computational power to put a quantifiable grade to each patient."

"We are very excited to see SEECA's new artificial intelligence project in action," said Michele Jones, MedInformatix Chief Marketing officer. "This new solution is truly groundbreaking work that will provide immediate benefits to both physicians and patients. Medical staff at SEECA can now spend more time with patients instead of pouring through data which is now computed using our technology.  The benefit for the end patient is they can be doubly sure they are the right candidate for the proper procedure."

"MedInformatix is an ideal partner because they give physician's offices flexible solutions that can be altered to fit specific practice needs," said Dr. D. "They gave us all of the necessary support, but also the autonomy to allow our in-house Information Technologist to build some necessary customizations to the system. They were also very willing to review our modifications and offer recommendations or improvements as necessary. It really is a partnership, with both sides working together collaboratively to result in more efficient and accurate medicine."

Located in Houma, Louisiana, SEECA is a specialty eye care center that offers a variety of corrective and cosmetic procedures. The artificial intelligence system was developed by Dr. D. and Holly Acosta, the practice's Information Technologist who created the required technical customizations. For more information about the practice, visit

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