MediPoint: Diagnostic Cardiac Biomarkers for Acute Coronary Syndromes - Current and Future Players

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MediPoint: Diagnostic Cardiac Biomarkers for Acute Coronary Syndromes - Current and Future Players

MediPoint: Diagnostic Cardiac Biomarkers for Acute Coronary Syndromes - Current and Future Players

Summary Acute coronary syndrome (ACS) consists of two major diseases: myocardial infarction (MI) and unstable angina, with the former being one of the major killers in the mature markets. Though the incidence of ACS is either in decline or steady across the US and European countries, millions of ACS and suspected ACS patients still visit emergency rooms every year with symptoms such as chest pain, and these patients are typically assessed with in vitro diagnostic cardiac biomarker tests. Emergence of two pipeline biomarker tests, Thermo Scientific's copeptin, and heart-type fatty acid binding protein (H-FABP), will provide further diagnostic options to emergency physicians.

This report identifies the unmet needs in the market, provides an understanding of physician perception of ACS diagnostic cardiac biomarker testing, and future trends. Through GlobalData's analysis, it is evident that the ACS diagnostic cardiac biomarker testing market is dominated by a single player, but it is expected that pipeline tests will begin to be used in combination with this test. To successfully market new diagnostic tests, companies need to offer tests that address the current unmet needs of current ACS diagnostic cardiac biomarker tests and show advantages in combination with tests currently in the market. This report will identify the opportunities for this technology.


- Investigation of current and future market competition for ACS diagnostic cardiac biomarker testing. - Competitor assessment. - Coverage of key market players and company profiles including business description, financial overview and SWOT analysis. - Strategic assessment of the device sector through market impact analysis, future market scenario and company analysis. - Direct quotes from Key Opinion Leaders (KOL), including clinical biochemists, laboratory managers, emergency physicians, and cardiologists using these diagnostic tests.

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- Gain a high level view of the trends shaping and driving the ACS diagnostic cardiac biomarker testing market. - Assess competitiveness of products in market by understanding the strengths and weaknesses of current competition. - Drive revenues, formulate effective sales and marketing strategies and gain in-depth understanding of the competitive landscape - Take a comprehensive look at the market's device pipeline and identify promising, paradigm-shifting products. - Create an effective counter-strategy to gain a competitive advantage against those currently in the market1 Table of Contents1 Table of Contents 21.1 List of Tables 61.2 List of Figures 72 Introduction 82.1 Catalyst 83 Competitive Assessment 93.1 Overview 93.2 Cardiac Troponins 103.2.1 Overview 103.2.2 Clinical Application and Utility 123.2.3 Market Penetration 173.2.4 SWOT Analysis 173.3 Creatine Kinase-MB 183.3.1 Overview 183.3.2 Clinical Application and Utility 193.3.3 Market Penetration 203.3.4 SWOT Analysis 203.4 Myoglobin 213.4.1 Overview 213.4.2 Clinical Application and Utility 223.4.3 Market Penetration 233.4.4 SWOT Analysis 233.5 Point-of-Care 243.5.1 Overview 243.5.2 Clinical Application and Utility 253.5.3 Market Penetration 283.5.4 SWOT Analysis 294 Pipeline Products 304.1 Overview 304.2 BAG3 (Biouniversia) 314.2.1 Overview 314.2.2 SWOT Analysis 314.3 CAVARISK (Cavadis) 324.3.1 Overview 324.3.2 SWOT Analysis 324.4 CardioScore (BG Medicine) 334.4.1 Overview 334.4.2 SWOT Analysis 334.5 Circulating Endothelial Cells 344.5.1 Overview 344.5.2 SWOT Analysis 354.6 Copeptin (Thermo Scientific) 364.6.1 Overview 364.6.2 SWOT Analysis 394.7 Heart-Type Fatty Acid Binding Protein 404.7.1 Overview 404.7.2 SWOT Analysis 424.8 MIRISK VP Assessment (Aviir) 434.8.1 Overview 434.8.2 SWOT Analysis 434.9 Early Emerging Tests 444.9.1 Heart Diagnostic Assay (Prevencio/University of Pittsburgh) 444.9.2 Sentinel CVD (GeneNews) 444.9.3 SomaScan Cardiovascular Assay (SomaLogic) 445 Current and Future Players 455.1 Overview 455.2 Trends in Corporate Strategy 455.3 Abbott Diagnostics 465.3.1 Overview 465.3.2 Portfolio Assessment 465.4 Alere 485.4.1 Overview 485.4.2 Portfolio Assessment 495.5 Beckman Coulter 505.5.1 Overview 505.5.2 Portfolio Assessment 515.6 bioMérieux 525.6.1 Overview 525.6.2 Portfolio Assessment 535.7 Mitsubishi Chemical Medience Corporation 545.7.1 Overview 545.7.2 Portfolio Assessment 555.8 Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics 565.8.1 Overview 565.8.2 Portfolio Assessment 575.9 Radiometer Medical 585.9.1 Overview 585.9.2 Portfolio Assessment 595.10 Randox Laboratories 605.10.1 Overview 605.10.2 Portfolio Assessment 615.11 Response Biomedical 625.11.1 Overview 625.11.2 Portfolio Assessment 635.12 Roche Diagnostics 645.12.1 Overview 645.12.2 Portfolio Assessment 645.13 Siemens Healthcare 665.13.1 Overview 665.13.2 Portfolio Assessment 675.14 Thermo Scientific 685.14.1 Overview 685.14.2 Portfolio Assessment 696 Appendix 706.1 Bibliography 706.2 Abbreviations 816.3 Research Methodology 836.3.1 Overview 836.3.2 Coverage 836.3.3 Secondary Research 836.3.4 Forecast Methodology 846.4 Primary Research 856.5 Physicians and Specialists Included in this Study 866.6 About the Authors 876.6.1 Analysts 876.6.2 Global Head of Healthcare 886.7 About MediPoint 896.8 About GlobalData 896.9 Contact Us 896.10 Disclaimer 89

List of Tables

Table 1: Product Profile – Cardiac Troponins 11Table 2: Cardiac Troponin Concentrations of Selected Current Troponin Assays 13Table 3: Cardiac Troponin Concentrations of Selected High-Sensitivity Troponin Assays 14Table 4: Cardiac Troponins SWOT Analysis 17Table 5: Product Profile – Creatine Kinase-MB 18Table 6: Creatine Kinase-MB SWOT Analysis 20Table 7: Product Profile – Myoglobin 21Table 8: Myoglobin SWOT Analysis 23Table 9: Product Profile – Point-of-Care Testing 24Table 10: Cardiac Troponin Concentrations of POC Troponin Assays 26Table 11: Point-of-Care Cardiac Panel SWOT Analysis 29Table 12: ACS Cardiac Biomarker Global Product Pipeline 30Table 13: BAG3 SWOT Analysis 31Table 14: CAVARISK SWOT Analysis 32Table 15: CardioScore SWOT Analysis 33Table 16: Circulating Endothelial Cells SWOT Analysis 35Table 17: Copeptin SWOT Analysis 39Table 18: Heart-Type Fatty Acid Binding Protein SWOT Analysis 42Table 19: MIRISK VP SWOT Analysis 43Table 20: Company Profile – Abbott Diagnostics 46Table 21: Abbott Diagnostics SWOT Analysis, 2013 47Table 22: Company Profile – Alere 48Table 23: Alere SWOT Analysis, 2013 49Table 24: Company Profile – Beckman Coulter 50Table 25: Beckman Coulter SWOT Analysis, 2013 51Table 26: Company Profile – bioMérieux 52Table 27: bioMérieux SWOT Analysis, 2013 53Table 28: Company Profile – Mitsubishi Chemical Medience Corporation 54Table 29: Mitsubishi Chemical Medience Corporation SWOT Analysis, 2013 55Table 30: Company Profile – Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics 56Table 31: Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics SWOT Analysis, 2013 57Table 32: Company Profile – Radiometer Medical 58Table 33: Radiometer Medical SWOT Analysis, 2013 59Table 34: Company Profile – Randox Laboratories 60Table 35: Randox Laboratories SWOT Analysis, 2013 61Table 36: Company Profile – Response Biomedical 62Table 37: Response Biomedical SWOT Analysis, 2013 63Table 38: Company Profile – Roche Diagnostics 64Table 39: Roche Diagnostics SWOT Analysis, 2013 65Table 40: Company Profile – Siemens Healthcare 66Table 41: Siemens Healthcare SWOT Analysis, 2013 67Table 42: Company Profile – Thermo Scientific 68Table 43: Thermo Scientific SWOT Analysis, 2013 69

List of Figures

Figure 1: Major Market Share by Test Type for ACS In Vitro Diagnostic Testing Reagents, 2012 9

Companies mentioned

Abbott Diagnostics


Beckman Coulter


Mitsubishi Chemical Medience Corporation

Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics

Radiometer Medical

Randox Laboratories

Response Biomedical

Roche Diagnostics

Siemens Healthcare

Thermo Scientific

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