mEducation in AME Will Reach Untapped Customer Base Worth Billions, Pyramid Finds

Mar 08, 2011, 09:00 ET from Pyramid Research

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., March 8, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Operators and handset manufacturers have the chance to reach a largely untapped customer base of young people, women and girls – a market opportunity running into billions of U.S. dollars. However, in order for the potential of mEducation to be realized in the AME, infrastructural, financial and architectural issues involved with the delivery of mobile education services must be addressed, according to a new report from Pyramid Research (

mEducation Creates Virtuous Circle to Benefit MNOs, Handset Makers and Students Alike will examine the mobile education market in the AME, including projects that are experiencing success as they are scaled to larger audiences. The analysis will explore different mEducation applications and services, discuss the challenges present when mobile education projects are launched and detail the socioeconomic benefits experienced by mEducation users. Three mEducation case studies from Africa & the Middle East will be presented, as well.

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"Operators and manufacturers of low-cost handsets that seize the opportunity to support and deliver mobile education applications and services to youth in AME may see early brand loyalty formation in a market with plenty of growth potential and eventually increased mobile adoption once these young people enter the workforce," says Ronda Zelezny-Green, Associate Research Analyst at Pyramid. "Increasing support of mobile phone access for women and girls through the funding of empowering programs, such as those found in mEducation could help MNOs connect to the US$3.4 billion market opportunity that is largely unaddressed in the AME region," she says.

As more development indicators are created to measure the impact of mobile education services on individuals and communities, Pyramid Research believes that the value of mEducation will become increasingly clear to MNOs, governments, NGOs and other related stakeholders, she continues.

"This group's limited buying power will be a barrier in achieving significantly higher mobile penetration rates in the AME in the next five years," says Zelezny-Green. "Furthermore, the need for mobile education opportunities in AME for both adults and children is underscored when the direct connection between literacy and the ability to access, interpret and use information from mobile applications is made," she says. "Issues surrounding access to mobile phones in the AME extend beyond literacy; certain infrastructural, cultural and socioeconomic barriers persist that should be considered when developing mEducation products," she adds.

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