Meeba Smart Doorbell Controlled Directly from Your Smartphone: "Open Your Door with A Smile"

The next generation of doorbells enables change of ringtones and receipt of messages on your smartphone, which flashes when someone is waiting in front of your house. Accessible, user-friendly, easy and quick to update it is suitable for everyone.

Nov 25, 2015, 08:40 ET from Meeba

TEL AVIV, Israel, November 25, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --

Our generation likes to be in control. We like to buy products that help us be in control. Smartphones are the classic example of how to obtain everything we desire from anywhere in the world through a simple search and at the click of a button.

Entrepreneur Yaron Walter (38) who heads the company "WALTER APPS", specializing in the development and production of applications for start-ups in the global market, recognized the potential of the simple domestic doorbell that has barely ever progressed. The features of MEEBA™ turn the old-fashioned household doorbell into a gadget, an innovative accessory and an experience through its many, varied control options.

And if you can control your doorbell's ringtone then why shouldn't other people enjoy it too? Every visitor can listen to your favorite song and be welcomed with a smile.

Yaron says he is someone who adopts technology and buys everything that moves. The idea for the product came from his great love of music: "Before we got married, my wife and I lived in a studio apartment in Moshav Beit Uziel. We did not receive visitors because we were ashamed of the size of our home, and we also did not have a doorbell.  After we got married we moved to a bigger apartment. On the day we moved, my wife rang the doorbell. I hadn't heard a doorbell ring for some 10 years and suddenly it dawned on me: I love music, so why not have the music I love in my doorbell and listen to my favorite song while making other people happy". And everything developed from there.

The need for "MEEBA" cannot be disconnected from the needs of those who are hard of hearing. MEEBA is the only product that combines the mobile phone, close to us 24/7, with technology that enables notifications to be received directly on the mobile phone. The solution allows everyone to adopt technology and narrow the social gaps, showing that we are all equal.

The doorbell is very easy to install at home; it does not need a professional to install it and it runs on long-life batteries. It connects through WiFi, enabling you to control your doorbell from anywhere you may be.

Yaron Walter is developing the idea, and adds that over and above the first product he developed they are today in advanced development stages. The developments will expand the possible uses of the doorbell, including a camera that will allow users to see on their smartphones who is ringing their doorbell. A smart, portable product that is task oriented and much more…

The company is presently raising capital to continue development - the campaign can be accessed at the following link -


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