MeetingMogul Simplifies Meetings with One-touch Conference Call Applications

Deliver control, convenience and cost savings in making conference calling easier on a global basis

Oct 06, 2015, 09:00 ET from Folio3 Software

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., Oct. 6, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- MeetingMogul, the one-touch conference-call- connection application that works with all major conference service providers, today announced availability for individuals and small business users who want a seamless service to join various conference bridges from their smartphones from anywhere in the world. 

The no-hassle apps for iOS and Android bring a mobile-first approach to virtual meetings by using mobile and web technology to simplify the preparation, attendance and follow-up actions for meetings, especially participants calling in from remote locations or during travel.

MeetingMogul's parent company Folio3 Software Inc. developed MeetingMogul's Call Connection Platform for clients whose executives, employees, contractors and partners regularly participate in multiple meetings from a variety of services. This includes those who travel internationally where calling into a conference bridge may be subject to the high cost of mobile roaming.

"Today's call may be on my bridge, tomorrow on your bridge," said Adnan Lawai, founder and CEO of Folio3. "The next day we both may be on someone else's bridge. It's gotten to where managing calls is a full time job. So we created MeetingMogul to solve that and make it easy, convenient and cost conserving."

MeetingMogul removes the typical stress from joining conference calls outside of the office by:

  • Being a one-touch service that eliminates users' need to remember all the numbers to dial into a conference call, only to then be asked to enter a PIN or Room Code;
  • Offering collaboration and cost-saving features, such as automated low-cost VoIP dialing for international calls to avoid exorbitantly priced roaming charges;
  • Presenting contextual participant and meeting information in a simple, easy-to-use app;
  • Allowing users to politely alert other participants if they're running late prior to the meeting and easily capture important actions and send a recap post-meeting.

"With a global client base for Folio3 and our own team spread throughout the world, we've lived through the pain of having to remember lengthy meeting ID codes. We've also experienced first hand the high costs of dialing long-distance numbers internationally to be able to participate in conference calls too many times," said Lawai.  "We wanted to build an all-inclusive app for today's virtual workforce where you can prepare for meetings, join them on time without any stress, and follow up to ensure the time spent was productive. With MeetingMogul it doesn't matter if each meeting is using a different bridge, it just connects."

Based on their personal experiences, Folio3 developers designed MeetingMogul by building in the most accurate call-detection algorithms so users are less likely to become frustrated because a wrong or incomplete conferencing number got dialed.  Folio3 also built in richer collaboration features, such as shared meeting notes, meeting agendas and the ability to circulate follow-up notes so participants get the most out of any meeting, not just conference calls.

With MeetingMogul, no setup is needed.  Users simply install the app and get started right away. The application automatically recognizes and syncs with the phone's calendar to import scheduled meetings and conference calls while also integrating with leading CRM solutions. MeetingMogul key features include one-touch dialing instead of the hassle of having to enter lengthy strings of numbers for country codes, conferencing bridges and meeting ID codes.

Other MeetingMogul features include sharing of, recordings, call reminders and an in-app ability to politely connect and notify other meeting participants of delays or to provide other pertinent details.

MeetingMogul is available for free from the Apple App Store ( and Google Play (

About MeetingMogul:
MeetingMogul is a mobile-first approach to meetings that uses mobile and web technology to simplify the preparation, attendance and follow-up for meetings, especially those involving remote and traveling team members participating via phone.  The app offers one-touch dialing into any conference call from a user's smartphone, a relief to anyone who has ever had to remember all the numbers to dial into a conference call.  The app also has collaboration and cost-saving features, such as automated low-cost VOiP dialing for international calls to avoid exorbitantly priced roaming charges. MeetingMogul is the featured product of Folio3 Software Inc., a privately held global technology company whose mission is to bring innovation, integrity and agility to the software services industry.  The company is based in Redwood City, Calif.

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