Mega Trends in Latin America

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During the past decade, Latin America has shown tremendous growth supported by the strong macroeconomic reforms implemented during the 1990s. In addition to strong fiscal reform, external demand for the significant wealth of Latin America's natural resources has pushed the region to the frontiers of development. Frost and Sullivan has identified Mega Trends that will create new growth opportunities and increase the region's growth over the next decade. At the core of these trends that will define the future consumer market of Latin America is its projected 661 million people and combined GDP of almost $15.14 trillion in 2025.

What is a Mega Trend?

Mega Trends are transformative, global forces that define the future world with their far reaching impact on business, societies, economies, cultures, and personal lives.

Why do Mega Trends Matter?

•Mega Trends have diverse meanings and impacts for different industries, companies, and individuals. An analysis of these Mega Trends and their implications forms an important component of a company's future strategy, development, and innovation process, and impacts product and technology planning.
•The following document sets the stage for visionary thinking by identifying the most important global Mega Trends in Latin America, potential scenarios of specific trends in 2025, and the implications of these Mega Trends in transforming

Research Scope, Objectives, and Methodology 5

Executive Summary 11

Top Mega Trends In Latin America 22

Urbanization 23

Social Trends 38

Economy 50

Infrastructure Development 55

Connectivity and Convergence 63

Innovating to Zero 72

Smart is the New Green 75

Future of Renewable Power 80

The Rise of Multilatinas 83

Business Process Outsourcing 86

Health, Wellness, and Well-Being 90

Social Programs 93

Business Models of the Future 98

Macro to Micro Analysis 111

Appendix 119

About Frost & Sullivan 136

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