Celebrates A Successful First Year

Jan 16, 2014, 05:00 ET from

LITTLE FALLS, N.J., Jan. 16, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Megaleads looks to capitalize on their business from their first year in and looks back on some of their milestones that led them to their success.

Megaleads ( began as a concept from Founder Jim Alamia and after years of research and development he and his team were able to manufacture one of the most useful tools in the digital sales arena. After they built their company website, they were eager to launch their Beta Program where they let new customers search for leads for free and encouraged them to give their honest feedback on the business sales leads system.

Founder Jim Alamia is convinced that this user-friendly spirit is what set Megaleads apart from their competition and gave birth to their successful first year. Jim Alamia states: "This first year was all about nurturing our customer base and it is a practice we will certainly bring with us moving forward. Our customer care program along with our many Demo Videos has helped many sales professionals use our leads system to its full potential and gain a much needed edge in this competitive market."

Since going live, Megaleads has seen over 400 percent returns in just being a year in business. To celebrate their successful first year, Megaleads has announced that they will extend their Free Test Drive Program, where customers can try out the updated sales leads system without any credit card commitment and have also given their database an update and cleaning, which has expanded their total record count by 15%. In addition, they are also looking forward to launching a brand new product for the business sales arena that utilizes reverse IP technology. The launch date has been set for February 2014, but further details have not been released at this time.

Jim Alamia states: "The first year was one that I'll never forget. We are now a growing company in all respects. We have expanded our staff, our store front, updated our website and data, and are now growing our arsenal of tools that can be used in the digital sales arena. For businesses to survive in this modern marketplace, they need to consider their company website as their ultimate store front, and this new tool will help them build business from their online visitors."

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