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Aug 27, 2013, 10:00 ET from Meile Group

SHANGHAI, Aug. 27, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Meile Group today announced a new Bicycle parts Supplier Agreement with Phoenix Group. The 10-year agreement covers bicycle parts, including rims, spokes and chains.

"The cooperation with Meile group will guarantee the quality of Phoenix products to the largest extent," said Dr. Zhaoyang Wang, Chief Executive Officer.

Meile Group has 5 companies for producing bicycle parts. Among them, Meile Rims, Huajiu Spokes and Maya Chains are the best.

Meile Group includes operations, annexes and sales offices around the world. More information can be found at

Jiangsu Meile Rims Co., Ltd is one of the biggest rims manufactures in China. It is specialized in cold steel-rolling bicycle rims and electroplating. The company has an annual capacity of producing 50,000 tons of cold rolling girdle steel, 15 million pairs of steel rims and 3.6 million pairs of alloy rims. Meile rims is a famous brand in China, representing high-quality in the Chinese bicycle industry. Meile exports its products all around the world.

Jiangsu Huajiu Spoke Manufacturing Co., Ltd is one of the biggest spokes manufacturers in China and specializes in spokes for all types of bicycles, E-bikes and motorcycles. All machines are imported from Japan and Taiwan with the best automation and performance and has an annual production capacity of 15 million gross spokes with top quality .Huajiu Spokes exports its products all around the world.

Maya Chains specializes in chains for bicycles and E-bikes, using first-class technology and equipment all imported from Taiwan. Maya Chains is able to provide a full range of chains, including single speed and non-index multi-speed chains. Maya Chains is making its name and place in the chain industry.

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