Mela Introduces Online Streaming on PC and Mac, Partners with Sponsors to Launch Free Movies on

Jul 31, 2012, 12:00 ET from Mela

SANTA CLARA, Calif., July 31, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Global South Asian film & television service Mela continues to grow, today launching select free-to-view movies on PC and Mac computers and the already-existing Mela TV Apps on the iPad (outside India), Roku (outside India and US), Android, Kindle, Samsung TV and DVD (in Beta).

Beginning with 8 Hindi movies today, new titles will be added for viewing each week, including films from each of the other 8 language categories. For the complete library users may continue to subscribe to the Mela Movies Roku annual plan or Mela's other platforms for a monthly fee.

Bollywood movies now available include The Forest (2012), Jodi Breakers (2012), Chaurahen (2012), Will You Marry Me? (2012), Good Night Good Morning (2012), The Dirty Picture (2011), Ishqiya (2010), Firaaq (2009), Virgin Goat (2009) and Black (2005).

The launch is boosted by Mela's partnership with external South Asian websites, magazines, and TV shows, each serving as monthly premium sponsors of one or more of the free films. Sponsors include: Bollywood & fashion blog Miss Malini, Asian Variety Show (AVS) TV, online magazine for South Asian mothers masalamommas, South Asian entertainment news portal BizAsia, South Asian independent film database Long Live Cinema, and Bollywood-centric site BollySpice.

"Launching on platforms as ubiquitous as personal computers makes Mela even more easily accessible for South Asian cinema fans," said Mela CEO Prakash Bhalerao. "We anticipate that providing movies on in partnership with such popular, influential sponsors will prove mutually beneficial, allowing for the sharing and the growing of all of our audiences."

About Mela: Mela, a division of Verismo Networks Inc, curates content from diverse sources by combining dozens of live TV news and entertainment channels, and over 900 Bollywood & regional movies, independent films and selected premium Internet videos. Mela's content partners include India's most popular film studios and TV networks. Mela's footprint will soon extend to other major platforms including mobile phones, distributed devices, gaming consoles, and other popular over the top devices. To learn more about Mela, visit or contact Anisha Jhaveri at

Anisha Jhaveri