Member-Run Consulting Collective Launches To Help Mission-Driven Businesses and Business-Savvy Organizations Do Well By Doing Good

Nov 09, 2015, 09:11 ET from The Social Intrapreneurs

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Nov. 9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Social Intrapreneurs was founded this month by a consortium of social-venture contractors, consulting firms and investor members across the United States and Canada, who are improving their services to social entrepreneurs end expanding their reach globally by banding together and sharing resourcing and creative synergy. From legal structuring to launch, the collective helps startup not-for-profits and for-profits so that they may help others.

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Through its rapidly growing membership of serial entrepreneurs who complement one another's expertise, Social Intrapreneurs provides strategic consulting and executive support for projects and programs to elevate organizational outcomes and impact capacity. The founding members offer consulting deliverables ranging from incorporation documents to proprietary tech products. Providing a one-stop shop to time-strapped visionaries Social Intrapreneurs' current services include: legal support, grant writing, prototyping, manufacturing, search engine optimization, crowdfunding campaign production, web/mobile design and development, social media management/monitoring and conversion/sales campaign production.

Beyond organizational development Social Intrapreneurs take pride in their commitment to social and environmental progress. As a for-profit operating as a nonprofit within a B Corp (Worldplay Ventures) Social Intrapreneurs understand triple-bottom-line business and hybrid organizations that operate between sectors. In addition to helping their clients each member of Social Intrapreneurs is dedicated to supporting one another, their communities, the environment and all other stakeholders. Going beyond the call of duty, the collective returns all proceeds to its clients as donation credit through its strategic partner Scalechange.

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