Men and 55+ Age Group More Skeptical of Green Movement

Survey Shows Females and Higher Educated More Pro-Green

Dec 09, 2010, 16:44 ET from Crowd Science

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Dec. 9, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- The most recent findings from Crowd Science's Just Ask! opinion survey show that men are nearly twice as likely to believe that shopping 'green' makes no difference. The study shows that 19% of men vs. 10% of women hold this view. Similarly those over the age of 55 are much more likely than those younger (25% vs. 13%) to hold this same belief. Men are also much less likely to check that their purchases come from 'ethical' companies than women (30% vs. 42%) and twice as likely to believe that the green movement is just a marketing ploy (16% vs. 8%).  

The survey, fielded between Oct. 20-27, 2010, reveals that education also plays a key role in understanding green behavior, as 21% of those with a post-graduate education will pay substantially more for green products as opposed to 12% of those with a basic undergraduate background or less.  "We're seeing an interesting gap in what we call 'green shopitudes' when you consider gender, age, and education," noted Sandra Marshall, Crowd Science VP Research.  "Women and younger age groups appear to be more eco-centric when it comes to shopping practices," says Marshall.

Green Behavior



Always choose products with eco-friendly packaging



Will pay substantially more for eco-friendly products



DON'T bother to check purchases are from ethical companies



DON'T feel shopping green makes a difference



DON'T feel it makes a difference if a company follows green practices



Agree the 'green' movement is JUST a marketing ploy



Source: Crowd Science Just Ask! Survey; October 20-27, 2010; 1299 respondents

While the study clearly indicates gaps between men's and women's attitudes towards green shopping, it also revealed a palpable level of skepticism:

  • 16% don't believe shopping green makes a difference
  • 13% think the green movement is a marketing ploy
  • 13% don't believe it makes a difference if a company is green

At a more general level, the study found that many people exhibit ethical behavior in the shopping action:

  • 43% have boycotted products for political/ethical reasons
  • 34% always buy local when given the choice
  • 20% always choose products with green packaging

Methodology: These recent survey findings from Crowd Science were gathered from a random sample of 1,353 online visitors across the Crowd Science network of sites between October 20-27, 2010. Complete results of the study will be reviewed in a free webinar entitled Uncovering the Green Attitude Gap hosted by Sandra Marshall, VP Research for Crowd Science, Tuesday, December 14th at 10:30 PST/1:30 EST.  To register for the free webinar, visit

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