Men Given Summer Boost by Laser Hair Removal Offer

May 22, 2013, 09:14 ET from The Laser Treatment Clinic

LONDON, May 22, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

Brits around the country got a brief but welcome sample of summer temperatures at the beginning of May and that has spurred a lot of people into action regarding their preparations for the season. In order to help men in particular to get ready for summer, The Laser Treatment Clinic in London has put in place a promotional offer on laser hair removal treatment.

Hair removal techniques are catching on among men, especially those who experience hair growth on the back, neck, shoulders, buttocks and upper arms. Although a lot of men are naturally hirsute, there are plenty who are uncomfortable and self-conscious about the amount of body hair they have and the areas affected by it.

Many of those areas are difficult to access using traditional techniques like shaving. They can also be quite sensitive and hair removal methods like waxing involve considerable discomfort for a relatively short term solution.

In fact, it is the regularity of traditional techniques - a symptom of their limited effectiveness - that motivates men who are particularly hirsute to seek more modern approaches.

The modern technique that is earning the most plaudits from experts at the moment is laser hair removal for men. This form of treatment looks at the problem of excess hair from an entirely new perspective and, with the use of sophisticated laser technology, targets the hair follicles themselves.

The therapy renders the responsible follicles inactive and inhibits hair growth in the affected area. As a result, the technique enjoys an excellent success rate.

The Laser Treatment Clinic, situated in London's Harley Street, uses the LTC™ Advanced Intense Pulsed Light system which boasts FDA approval for its ability to reduce body hair permanently. Just in time for summer, the clinic has introduced a promotion on a wide variety of treatment programmes, including men's hair removal.

The promotion offers patients up to 50% courses that are individually tailored to meet their specific hair removal requirements.

This form of treatment enables men to achieve dramatic results in a matter of weeks - good news for those hoping to enjoy the summer more fully with a smooth and hair free complexion.

The Laser Treatment Clinic has been delivering advanced laser skin treatment in a variety of forms since its inception in 2000. An experienced team of experts are on hand to treat both men and women in a safe and comfortable environment.

SOURCE The Laser Treatment Clinic