Men with AOL Email Addresses Most Likely to Visit Strip Clubs

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LONDON, February 27, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

New study reveals choice of mobile phone, email provider and internet browser can all give away men's preferred stag weekend activities

Key findings:

• AOL email users most likely to book a trip to a strip club

• Vodafone customers are most likely favour a lap dance as their most popular activity compared to other mobile network customers

• Apple iPhone owners have the most friends

• Those booking stag dos using their work email address splash out the most, spending more than £104 per person and travel 1,400 miles from home


Your email address is enough to give away how likely you are to visit a strip club, according to new stats from stag do experts

Men with an AOL email address are the most likely to book a trip to a lap dancing venue as part of a stag weekend, while those booking through work, Gmail, Sky or Hotmail accounts are more likely to plan activities such as pub crawls, eating out and nightclub entry.

Event agency announced the findings from a study into the technology used by more than 97,000 customers. A raft of data has been revealed through new website, presenting a unique analysis of customer habits, comparing how details such as choice of mobile phone, email provider, internet browser and mobile network can all give away what a man's preferred stag weekend activities might be.

Those using their work email address to book stag weekends were found to spend the most money, splashing out an average of £104.62 per person, while AOL email users were found to be the stingiest, with the lowest average spend of £92.52 per person.

Work email users were also found to travel the farthest for the stag's big send-off, booking trips an average of 1,400 miles from their home town.

Owners of trendy iPhones have the most friends, booking group trips for the largest average group size of 15 or more. Google Nexus owners, on the other hand, are less popular with the smallest group size of five or less.

Vodafone customers also showed a penchant for strippers, making the most lap dance bookings compared to customers from other mobile networks. O2 users favoured nightclub entry while Tesco Mobile customers showed they liked a laugh, with a trip to a comedy club their most popular stag activity.

The technology-based data even suggests that a person's internet browser can influence their choice of activity, with those booking trips through Safari showing the most adventurous streak, favouring 'wet and wild' packages including white water rafting, kayaking and jet skiing. Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome users favoured more tame activities such as ball sports, driving experiences or eating out.

Adrian Simpson, Director at said "The findings show how even the most seemingly innocent technology choices, such as a person's email provider, could influence somebody's preferred activities. We have gathered data from more than 10 years in the industry to try and help understand what our customers want, but the figures also throw up some intriguing patterns."

"There could be plenty of men with AOL email addresses or Vodafone customers too who are now sweating about what their wives and girlfriends think they get up to," Mr Simpson added.

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Data taken from sample size of 97,074 Chillisauce customers

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