Meningitis Angels Founder Frankie Milley Speaks at CDC National Stakeholder Meeting Regarding Infant Vaccination

May 26, 2011, 17:14 ET from Meningitis Angels

Frankie Milley Gives Her Reaction to Yesterday's Meeting

WASHINGTON, May 26, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- On Wednesday, May 25, in Washington, D.C., the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) hosted the first of a series of national and regional meetings to gather stakeholder and expert input about adding a new meningitis vaccine to the infant immunization schedule.

Meningitis Angels Founder and National Director Frankie Milley participated in yesterday's dialogue and spoke to the attendees about the financial and social burden that the families of meningococcal disease victims and survivors struggle with both immediately after the initial diagnosis, and for the rest of a survivor's life. Milley also voiced her support for protecting infants from this deadly disease through vaccination.

"It was an honor to be invited to speak at the CDC's National Stakeholders meeting. I commend the CDC for taking steps to open up a public dialogue on this important life-saving issue.

"Families of both meningitis survivors and victims suffer tremendous financial burden. The bills for initial treatment and hospital stays alone can cost in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.  This disease is so debilitating it often leaves survivors with long-term disabilities, such as limb amputations, loss of face, organ damage, severe seizure disorder, scarring, hearing loss, learning disabilities and emotional disorders.  Debt accrued from multiple follow-up surgeries, in-home nursing, prescription medication and other necessary health care can last the rest of their lives and often deplete a family's insurance and financial resources, sometimes even causing bankruptcy.

"The FDA approved a new infant vaccine for meningococcal disease in April and the agency is expected to approve additional infant vaccines for this disease over the next year. We know that approximately 30 percent of infants who contract meningococcal disease die from it and that it is among the leading infectious causes of death in early childhood. The CDC has the opportunity to prevent future infant deaths and suffering by adding all meningitis vaccines – those that are currently approved and those that will be approved in the near future – to the infant immunization schedule."  

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About Meningitis Angels
Meningitis Angels is a national nonprofit organization founded in memory of Ryan Wayne Milley, the only child of Bob and Frankie Milley. Ryan's life was taken at age 18, as a result of meningococcal meningitis/meningococcemia.  Meningitis Angels is dedicated to the support of victims, of bacterial meningitis and their families. While helping families cope with the loss of a family member we also offer some hands on support for those children affected with meningitis, funding available.  

We educate the public, health professionals, schools and universities on not only meningitis but other vaccine preventable diseases and the preventions including vaccines, though personal stories, our educational brochures and videos.

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