Men's Diamond Rings from King of Jewelry: A Different Type of Proposal

There's no wrong occasion for a diamond ring, and there's no wrong wearer either

Aug 27, 2012, 21:26 ET from King of Jewelry

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 27, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Among jewelry stores in Los Angeles, King of Jewelry, located downtown is the leader in spectacular diamond engagement rings, and an unmatched selection of loose diamonds. But not content to adorn the fingers of brides to be, they've made themselves the authority on men's diamond rings to boot.

There are two classic ring presentations: First there's the one-knee pose at a ball game or in a fancy restaurant. Then there are the diamond wedding rings on the ring bearer's pillow at the altar during the nuptials. A few minor variations include the champagne glass, the ill-fated inside-the-creampuff approach, and of course the forgetful grooms "Disappearing Ring" performance. One new presentation that's showing up more often: the man-as-receiver approach for the ring. But with the selection of terrific men's diamond wedding rings along with men's rings for every occasion, at King of Jewelry, you can make the man in your life feel like the luckiest guy in the world.

With the 1.80 Carat Invisible Setting, there's an unambiguous manliness to this ring that would make any man feel proud. 30 square diamonds have been arranged ten to a row, in three rows. The result has an elegant geometry that puts one in mind of a luxury car grille. Like all of the men's rings at King of Jewelry, this one has a wide band all the way around. It's also a good example of the preference among men for white rather than yellow gold. A ring like this serves as a symbol for a successful man.

Even bolder in appearance, on more striking for sheer mass of diamonds is the 2.5 carat arrangement of squared and round cut diamonds. This bold, stylish, and powerful piece of jewelry is reminiscent of 1930s Googie architecture, or the curves of a luxury SUV. Given those observations about the style of the ring, it is nonetheless an elegant piece, typical of the diamond selection at King of Jewelry.

The secret to elegance is selecting great diamonds, and knowing how to arrange them. The jewels at King of Jewelry are often kept loose in storage, and then placed in a setting only when the customer makes a selection. Great clarity and just the right refractive qualities are the subtle touches a truly great diamond cutter can imbue into a setting. King of Jewelry has kept its reputation as the premier downtown Los Angeles diamond retailer by being selective and building relationships with the top dealers in the world.

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