Menu Monocle™ Revamps Restaurant Tabletop Displays

Mar 22, 2011, 09:47 ET from Menu Monocle, LLC

GOLDEN, Colo., March 22, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Menu Monocle, an optical tabletop display with an embedded 3X magnification lens, launches into the market with a first-class upgrade for this foodservice staple.

Menu Monocle Solves Two Problems at Once

Many customers, especially those in the Baby Boomer and Senior demographic, are challenged by small print used for menus and restaurant bills and receipts because of reduced vision that benefits from enlarged type. Menu Monocle eliminates this problem for customers, simply and easily.

The display features an embedded 3X magnification lens that makes it simple for customers. They don't have to search for reading glasses in pockets or handbags, or go through the head movements in order to get the right angle with their bifocals.

Foodservice owners and managers use tabletop displays to promote high-profit specials, drinks and desserts. Current display designs don't have the same impact to influence customers.

Menu Monocle has a unique appearance that attracts immediate attention. Customers are compelled to pick it up because of its distinctive look and the eye-catching, hologram-like effect of the lens. When Menu Monocle is picked up, customers are literally holding advertised promotions and revenue-boosting items in their hands. They can't help but see and order items with higher profit margins, making Menu Monocle the ultimate in suggestive selling.

The customer-focused, profit-enhancing display cost almost pays for itself with just one customer buying one dessert.

Menu Monocle is currently available through select restaurant supply companies and for direct purchase on the company's Web site.

Menu Monocle, LLC was founded in 2010 to provide magnification products that enhance every day lives of people who benefit from enlarged type, such as Baby Boomers and Seniors. Menu Monocle™ is the company's flagship product. Company profile is available at

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