Meraki Releases Mobile Data Statistics: iPads Use 400% More Wi-Fi Data than the Average Mobile Device, Android Traffic Growing Dramatically

Jun 22, 2011, 09:00 ET from Meraki

SAN FRANCISCO, June 22, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Meraki, the leader in Cloud Networking, today announced results of a study of mobile data consumption on WiFi networks, showing that iPads use significantly more Wi-Fi data than the average mobile device. Additionally, the study found that mobile platforms overtook desktops, with a marked rise in Android devices.




  • Between 2010 and 2011, mobile platforms overtook desktop platforms in percentage of Wi-Fi devices.
  • The average iPad consumes over 400% more Wi-Fi data than the average Android, iPod, and iPhone.
  • iOS and Android together now account for 58% of Wi-Fi devices, compared to 33% just one year ago.
  • The iPhone is now the single most popular Wi-Fi device with 32% share.
  • Meraki anonymously surveyed over 100,000 randomly selected devices accessing general use, public, and educational Wi-Fi networks across the US. The survey looked at bandwidth usage and operating system popularity over selected periods in 2010 and 2011.

Meraki Study Shows Mobile Platforms Overtake Desktop Platforms, Marked Rise of Android

Meraki performed a comparative analysis between devices in 2010 and 2011. The results show mobile platforms gained significant share over desktop platforms. Overall, iOS and Android together now account for 58% of Wi-Fi devices, compared to 33% just one year ago. Windows and Mac OS X together declined from 63% to 36%.

Meraki’s data shows iOS devices growing from 32% to 47%, and Android growing from 1% to 11%. In particular, the iPhone is now the most popular Wi-Fi device with 32% share. Desktop platforms declined, with Mac OS X going from 21% to 13%, and Windows shrinking from 42% to 23%.

Meraki’s Cloud Networking and Client Fingerprinting

Meraki’s unique cloud networking architecture enables in-depth analysis of user devices on its customer networks. During the past five years, Meraki has deployed over 17,000 networks worldwide and connected more than 40 million unique end-user devices.

Using Client Fingerprinting technology, Meraki is able to identify devices that connect to their networks. The technology identifies each device’s operating system, make, and model by analyzing network events and client information such as the NetBIOS name, MAC address, and other information. Once captured, this data is uploaded to the Cloud Controller, Meraki’s hosted network platform. Insight into user devices is then made available to network administrators, and they can analyze network activity and troubleshoot client issues by accessing their network’s data from Meraki’s browser-based dashboard management tool.

Meraki anonymously surveyed randomly chosen networks that were active over a selected one-month time period in 2010 and over the same one-month time period in 2011. The survey included information from over 100,000 clients in a mix of general use, public, and educational Wi-Fi networks across the US.

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