Mesa Law Group Enhances Loan Modification Preparation Program With REST Report

Program Helping Troubled Homeowners Modify Loans Directly Now Backed by Analysis of REST Software

Oct 01, 2010, 05:00 ET from Mesa Law Group

COSTA MESA, Calif., Oct. 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Mesa Law Group, an innovative California-based law firm with specialty financial services announces strong results for its Loan Modification Preparation Program (LMPP) launched late Spring 2010. In addition to great success, the firm is now adding the functionality of the REST Report to aide their clients in the loan modification process.

In response to increasing demand for bankruptcies, loan modifications, and foreclosure relief, Mesa Law Group created the LMPP (originally named the Loan Modification & Finance Preparation, or LMFP) for those wishing to modify their loan directly with the lender while leveraging the experience of a specialized legal firm. The Program provides the backing of Mesa Law Group's insight and preparation for those directly attempting a modification with their lender on a budget and who want to increase their chances of success.  Mesa Law Group's LMPP helps homeowners to organize their finances, navigate the demands of their lender, and now directly modify their loan with the power of the REST reporting software supporting them.

While it is not necessary for a third party to arrange a loan modification or resolution with lenders, the program provides a unique option within Mesa Law Group's financial and real estate legal services. The Loan Modification Preparation Program specifically takes into account what lenders look for, identifies conditions that must be collected, prepares documents needed, and proposes terms for those wishing to contact their lender directly.  The result is a professionally prepared loan modification package specialized for lender-specific requirements with the benefit of Mesa Law Group's specialized insight at the fraction of the cost of normal loan modification representation.

Now combining the power of the REST Report, homeowners can show whether it is in their financial best interest to modify their loan or meet HAMP requirements. For example, the report shows the Net Present Value (NPV) analysis of a property which can help prove the case for options like a Short Sale.   More information about Mesa Law Group's full legal services can be found at

"Homeowners may have only one shot for a successful modification yet most working on their own to directly modify a loan will fail, often for minor reasons. Our program increases the likelihood of success and is a cost-conscious option for anyone struggling with a tough mortgage and in danger of foreclosure. The program helps those who are current and looking for new loan terms under government guidelines with the knowledge and organization of a legal firm backing them," said Tazwell Randall, VP of Client Relations at Mesa Law Group. "With the addition of the REST Report, now Mesa Law Group's customers can pursue a successful modification directly at a fraction of the cost."

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