Mesa Law Group Protects Homeowners with Strong Foreclosure Defense

Protection from Foreclosure in Trustee States Delays Foreclosure Up to 40 Months

Dec 07, 2010, 05:00 ET from Mesa Law Group

COSTA MESA, Calif., Dec. 7, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Mesa Law Group, an innovative California-based law firm with specialty financial services provides another option for homeowners considering bankruptcy, loan modifications, or short sale to delay a foreclose auction.  Creating a layer of homeowner protection in Trustee States, Mesa Law Group's Foreclosure Defense Program forces the trustee reviewing the case to address a list of comprehensive issues before the property is auctioned. During this time the homeowner retains full ownership and resides in the property without threat.  

In the wake of record foreclosures that include "robo-signings" and illegal foreclosures from banks, clients of Mesa Law Group have needed protection from foreclosure processes lightly monitored by government agencies.  Within a Judicial Review State (Florida, New York, New Jersey, etc.) a judge reviews the legality of a foreclosure to ensure lending laws are upheld. However in Trustee States, lenders employ a third party company to replace the judge's review and to facilitate the foreclosure. With banks illegally foreclosing even when a judge reviews, those in Trustee States need additional protection when facing foreclosure.

As Trustees assume liability in auctioning the property, Foreclosure Defense delays the foreclosure until all potential violations are resolved before the Auction Sale Date. If these are not addressed the Trustee would face severe sanctions and lose their license. For the Trustees, delaying the sale and reducing their sizable profit is a small price to pay while researching to protect their execution of the transaction.

The benefits of Foreclosure Defense mean the homeowner stays in their home for six to 40 months after a Notice of Trustee Sale has been posted. In addition the lender is never contacted so the homeowner can pursue a loan modification or short sale. Furthermore the process potentially avoids a more costly bankruptcy, doesn't require a title transfer, and puts the Trustee system to power for the homeowner instead of against them. More information about Mesa Law Group's full legal services can be found at

"Even homeowners with a modification or other resolution in progress are finding their situation needs more time and a mechanism to protect them or delay a foreclosure. The Foreclosure Defense is a perfect option for any troubled homeowner even if they aren't working their loan modification with Mesa Law Group," said Tazwell Randall, VP of Client Relations at Mesa Law Group.  

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