Mesa Law Group's Fresh Start Program Combines Low Cost Loan Modification With Bankruptcy Protection

Debt Overhaul Includes Unsecured Debt with New Mortgage Payment as Preventative Measure or to Avoid Foreclosure

Oct 18, 2010, 14:13 ET from Mesa Law Group

COSTA MESA, Calif., Oct. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Mesa Law Group, an innovative California-based law firm with specialty financial services announces the launch of its new "Fresh Start" program that helps homeowners with unsecured debt, especially homeowners facing foreclosure. Fresh Start combines the protection of a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy with Mesa Law Group's unique Loan Modification Preparation Program (LMPP) launched Spring of 2010. The new Fresh Start program is a hybrid that provides a strong Loan Modification program backed by the functionality of the REST Report with the financial protection of a bankruptcy that reorganizes unsecured debt. A comprehensive debt overhaul, the program allows the homeowner to remove their unsecured debt while protecting their home and modifying the terms of their mortgage. The result of the program is that homeowners stay in their home, negotiate a more affordable mortgage, and eliminate all unsecured debt balances hanging over a family's financial future, giving them a Fresh Start.

With increasing demand for bankruptcies, loan modifications, and foreclosure relief, Mesa Law Group created the LMPP for those wishing to modify their loan directly with the lender while leveraging the experience of a specialized legal firm.  Mesa Law Group's LMPP helps homeowners to organize their finances, navigate the demands of their lender, and now directly modify their loan with the power of the REST reporting software supporting them. The combinations of the two programs came about as lenders increasingly requested loan modification paperwork during the bankruptcy process and were more likely to modify the loan during a bankruptcy. Filing a bankruptcy is a true sign of financial hardship, which is exactly what lenders are looking for to justify the modification.

Fresh Start uses the foundation of the LMPP to expand the loan modification into a complete reorganization or elimination of the homeowner's debt that could combined save them between $500 to $5,000 per month depending on unsecured debt and mortgage balance. When completed, the result is all unsecured debt is wiped clean and a new mortgage payment is established that allows the homeowner to build a cash reserve and avoid using credit cards in the future. Plus, by removing the credit card debt, individuals will save 3-6 times more by not paying interest through a bankruptcy.  

As a truly comprehensive debt overhaul, Fresh Start protects an individual's 401k, automobiles, and tens of thousands of dollars in exemptions for jewelry, tools, annuities, and other "wild card" possessions during the bankruptcy process.  Furthermore Fresh Start will delay foreclosure, remove late fees & penalties, stop collection calls, reorganize debt, and shift power from the bank back to the homeowner. Many homeowners facing foreclosure or dire finances are harassed by collection calls, which Fresh Start ends legally while getting the individual back on track to the American dream with peace of mind about their finances.  More information about Mesa Law Group's full legal services can be found at

"Many homeowners don't realize that their lenders are running their credit report and an attempted loan modification will fail when the bank sees the individual is still making their credit card payments. By addressing the bigger picture, Fresh Start helps those facing foreclosure and works as a preventative measure for those still current on their mortgage. Many who think they're 'getting by' with high credit card payments can radically change their financial prospects by erasing unsecured debt in combination with a loan modification," said Tazwell Randall, VP of Client Relations at Mesa Law Group. "While it is ideal for those facing foreclosure, it is also a powerful tool for those who wish to have extra money each month to invest for the future rather than giving their money to creditors - getting out of our modern credit card reserve lifestyle."

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