Metaversal Studios Releases 'GameRoom' for iPad

Apr 29, 2010, 11:21 ET from Alliance Distributors Holding Inc.

BOSTON, April 29 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Metaversal Studios, the video game content development arm of Alliance Distributors (Pink Sheets: ADTR.PK), today announced the release of GameRoom, its first iPhone OS game exclusively designed for the iPad.  

GameRoom, a free application, gives iPad users a way to carry around a growing collection of board games. GameRoom provides the boards, the pieces, and the rules.  Players sit around the iPad just as they would sit around a traditional game board. Version 1.0 provides rules and assistance for English Checkers and Reversi, but players can disable "player assist" at any time in order to play by their own rules.

The real power of GameRoom comes from its Custom game mode, which lets players customize the board and pieces for any game they can imagine. Lead Game Designer Jay Laird said, "We want to enable players to play games their way, and we want to teach players new games that they may have never tried. We also want to bring back the real-life socializing aspect of social gaming by bringing people together around a single device."

Laird added that the company currently plans frequent releases for new board, piece, and rule sets.  "We've already received multiple requests from board game enthusiasts, and we're pleased to find that the games we're working on are the games that they want," Laird said.  The next release of GameRoom will contain a Go board and rule set as well as an expansion to the Custom game mode.  The GameRoom newsfeed that appears on the application's main menu will let players know as soon as new games are available for download.

Jay Gelman, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, stated, "The iPad provides a platform with exciting potential for casual games.  GameRoom is the first of many games we intend to make for the iPad, building on our experience developing iPhone-based casual games including Bad Apples, Hot Dog Down a Hallway, and Shave Me."

About Metaversal Studios

Metaversal Studios (, a developer of video games for iPhone OS and the web, is wholly owned by Alliance Distributors Holding Inc.

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