MFC Responds To Serial Violator Of Securities Laws Seeking To Unlawfully Seize Control

Company Takes Action to Protect Interests of All Shareholders, Compel Compliance and Prevent Peter Kellogg and Affiliates From Profiting From Their Willful Violations of Applicable Laws

Nov 27, 2013, 08:00 ET from MFC Industrial Ltd.

NEW YORK, Nov. 27, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- MFC Industrial Ltd. ("MFC" or the "Company") (NYSE: MIL) today responded to the press release of Peter Kellogg ("Kellogg") and IAT Reinsurance Company Ltd. ("IAT") that they have nominated persons to be elected as directors at the annual general meeting of the Company. MFC announces that, as a result of numerous, egregious and ongoing violations of Canadian and United States securities laws, it has commenced legal actions against Kellogg, IAT and their related entities (the "Kellogg Group") in the British Columbia Supreme Court (Vancouver Registry) and the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York seeking, among other things, orders prohibiting the Kellogg Group from voting its MFC shares or acquiring further MFC shares and requiring the Kellogg Group to dispose of MFC shares. Additionally, MFC has applied to a Canadian securities regulator to investigate the actions of the Kellogg Group and make appropriate orders.

The Company has undertaken the foregoing actions to prevent the Kellogg Group's improper and unlawful attempt to seize control of the Company while continually disregarding applicable laws and the rights of other shareholders.

MFC believes that the Kellogg Group's actions, including the process of acquiring its current significant ownership of MFC shares, have flagrantly and repeatedly violated applicable securities laws, including as follows:

  • Since at least 1999, the Kellogg Group has been an "insider" by acquiring over 10% of MFC shares, but left MFC shareholders and the markets in the dark regarding its subsequent acquisitions of MFC shares and its intentions in violation of "insider", "early warning" and "takeover bid" laws.
  • Canadian securities laws require a person, such as the Kellogg Group, who acquires 10% or more of MFC's outstanding voting shares to publicly file and issue an "insider report", "press release" and "early warning report" (collectively, the "Early Warning Regime") in order to alert shareholders and the market to the acquisition and intentions of a person acquiring a significant ownership interest. The Early Warning Regime also requires further such public reports and disclosure for subsequent purchases in excess of 2% of the MFC shares. The Kellogg Group broke the 10% threshold in 1999, but failed to comply with the Early Warning Regime for almost 14 years until October 1, 2013, when it disclosed ownership of 33.0% of the outstanding MFC shares.
  • The Early Warning Regime also provides that, during the time the Kellogg Group was required to file an early warning report or further report (acquisition of 10% and subsequent acquisitions of 2%) and ending one business day after such report or further report is filed, the Kellogg Group must not acquire any additional MFC shares. Despite acquiring 10% of the MFC Shares in 1999, the Kellogg Group continually and repeatedly violated these requirements by acquiring MFC shares without complying with the Early Warning Regime and, in particular, in violation of the prohibition on acquisitions of further MFC shares until after filing the requisite early warning report or further report.
  • Today, the Kellogg Group continues to violate securities laws as its filed reports are misleading and fail to disclose the actual date and amount of acquisitions and/or dispositions, the prices paid and received for MFC shares and other required disclosure.
  • Under Canadian takeover bid rules, unless an applicable exemption applies, a person acquiring 20% or more of an issuer's outstanding securities must make a formal takeover bid to all shareholders and comply with timing, disclosure, pricing and other requirements designed to foster fair and efficient capital markets and the fair treatment of shareholders. It appears that the Kellogg Group surpassed this 20% threshold in 2000 and has thereafter made numerous acquisitions to increase its ownership to 33% without making any formal takeover bid to all shareholders.
  • Between May 2003 and August 2006, MFC had a shareholders rights plan (the "2003 Rights Plan") in place. Pursuant to the 2003 Rights Plan, the Kellogg Group would have triggered the plan by acquiring an additional 0.5% of MFC's shares, thereby entitling all other shareholders to acquire additional MFC shares at a very substantial discount to market prices. We believe the Kellogg Group may likely have triggered the 2003 Rights Plan as a result of its acquisitions but currently cannot yet finally determine the matter as a result of the Kellogg Group's late, incomplete and misleading filings to date.
  • United States securities laws require that a shareholder holding more than 5% of a company's shares file a Schedule 13D and amendments thereto and disclose, among other things, the purpose of its investment to other shareholders as well as any arrangements, understandings or agreements with other shareholders with respect to a company's shares. The Kellogg Group failed to file Schedule 13D ownership reports under United States securities laws between February 2001 and January 2013 (approximately 12 years) when it disclosed it had increased its ownership to approximately 30.9% of the outstanding MFC shares.

Mr. Kellogg, IAT and the Kellogg Group are very sophisticated and experienced financial and capital markets participants. Accordingly, MFC believes their failure to comply with applicable laws can only be seen as a calculated and deliberate attempt to take control of the Company, while keeping other MFC shareholders and markets uninformed of their true intentions in order to avoid having to pay shareholders a "control premium." If left unsanctioned, MFC believes the Kellogg Group's conduct has caused and will continue to cause significant harm and damage to MFC, its shareholders and the capital markets.

Mr. Kellogg and the Kellogg Group have a significant prior record of run-ins with legal regulators, including:

  • as outlined in an article in Forbes Magazine dated March 5, 2001 titled "Are You a Chump" and another article dated June 17, 2013 titled "Billionaire Seeks $186 Million Tax Refund, Claims IRS Biased by 'Politically Charged Atmosphere'", Kellogg and IAT have been embroiled in significant ongoing lawsuits with the IRS after the IRS rejected various tax exemptions claimed by IAT and/or its affiliates which permitted the Kellogg Group to avoid very significant tax obligations and resulted in the IRS seeking and collecting in excess of $185 million in taxes, interest and other charges; and
  • the Kellogg Group has acquired significant ownership interests in other foreign public companies and either purposefully or recklessly disregarded their public reporting and ownership disclosure requirements and MFC understands that such actions and lack of disclosure by the Kellogg Group are being investigated by the applicable securities regulator.

In addition to the court actions already commenced, MFC's board of directors will consider such additional actions as may be advisable to protect the Company and its shareholders from the unlawful actions by the Kellogg Group and ensure they do not improperly "profit" or "gain unfair advantage" from their egregious violations of applicable laws.

Mr. Michael Smith, Chief Executive Officer, commented:  "We are extremely disappointed by the actions of the Kellogg Group and their attempt to improperly profit from their failure to comply with applicable laws." Mr. Smith added:  "We intend to act in the best interests of the Company and all of its shareholders. We believe market participants should comply with applicable laws so as to permit the fair and equal treatment of all shareholders." He concluded:  "Unfortunately, it appears that because of his position and substantial net worth, Mr. Kellogg has determined that the laws and rules do not apply to his actions and he is free to profit from his violations."

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