MGK's New Organically-Compliant Insecticide AZERA™ Receives EPA Approval

Product Offers Unique Mix of Active Ingredients to Control Pests in Crop Production

Sep 28, 2011, 09:00 ET from MGK

MINNEAPOLIS, Sept. 28, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Azera, a new organically-compliant insecticide developed by MGK, has been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The insecticide will provide reliable, broad-spectrum control of the toughest-to-kill insects and the flexibility to be applied as often as growers need it, without delaying harvest schedules.

Azera combines three modes of action – fast-acting contact kill, insect growth regulator (IGR) activity and ingestion. The active ingredients in Azera are a unique formulation of botanical extracts delivering the highest performance profile available today for insect control in organic crops. Azera is formulated to prevent and manage even the most pervasive and toughest-to-kill insects including aphids, thrips, whiteflies, leaf miners, caterpillars, stink bugs and many others. The product will be available in early 2012.

"Organic growers have had limited options for effectively and consistently managing crop-damaging insects in the past," said John Buenneke, crop protection market manager for MGK. "EPA approval makes Azera a clear choice for organic growers who require a simple and reliable solution for crop protection. In addition, Azera allows them the flexibility to harvest the same day they spray and apply as often as necessary."

As part of its review of Azera, the EPA approved its use for control of the brown marmorated stink bug in organic production systems. This species is a highly-invasive insect that has historically caused extensive yield losses in tree fruit production in the mid-Atlantic region and has spread throughout most of the U.S.  

Azera is especially effective on high-value organic fruits and vegetables including strawberries, grapes, apples, lettuce, tomatoes, broccoli and spinach and has no usage restrictions so it can be applied to virtually any crop as often as needed in the field. Azera is approved for use by the two primary organic certification bodies -- National Organic Program and OMRI.

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