Michele Rollins Backs Glen Urquhart

Oct 29, 2010, 16:18 ET from Glen Urquhart for Congress

NEWARK, Del., Oct. 29 /PRNewswire/ -- (http://www.myprgenie.com) -- On Wednesday, long time Republican supporter and Delaware philanthropist, Michele Rollins, publicly urged Delawareans to vote for Glen Urquhart for Congress. Once a candidate for the seat herself, Ms. Rollins urged everyone to vote for Mr. Urquhart this coming Tuesday, November 2.

"I agree with his [Glen Urquhart's] fundamental fiscal conservative attitude. I want private sector jobs created," Rollins declared. Speaking specifically to moderates, independents, and liberal Republicans, she asked, "Do you want big government? Then vote Democratic. Do you want less government, more jobs, and the free enterprise system? Then vote Republican. We need control of the House of Representatives to bring balance back to the government."

During the 3 pm hour of the Rick Jensen Show on WDEL Wednesday, Rollins declared her plans to vote for Urquhart and the Republican agenda because "the pendulum has swung too far left." At the end of the segment, she declared definitively that she will vote for Glen Urquhart.

"I have never seen the country in such dire straits. Coons and John Carney are nice guys, but their philosophy is what is at stake. It is not about personalities. Coons and John Carney will vote for the Pelosi agenda," she concluded.

Republican Congressional candidate Glen Urquhart was pleased to receive the support of Ms. Rollins. "I am honored and grateful to have Michele Rollins' support, and for her call for solidarity in the effort to save jobs and bring back prosperity. I appreciate her leadership," said Urquhart. "Delawareans have a clear choice on November 2. They can choose John Carney, another career politician who has never created a single job, or they can choose me, a proven job creator who started with nothing and employed many people," Urquhart concluded.

SOURCE Glen Urquhart for Congress