Micreos Scales Up Anti-Bacterial Platform Through IIG Investment

Mar 21, 2013, 09:02 ET from Micreos

WAGENINGEN, the Netherlands, March 21, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

Micreos of The Netherlands, leader in targeted antibacterial solutions in human health and food safety, has attracted additional capital to scale up its platform technology. Dutch semi-governmental investment entity IIG has acquired a strategic minority stake in the company. Micreos has an established rapidly growing global business delivering its LISTEX and SALMONELEX against Listeria and Salmonella to the food industry. It also has a subsidiary focused on the development of antibacterial products for human health, including MRSA.

Micreos applies its cutting edge technological know-how to the bacterial killing mechanisms that have evolved in nature over billions of years. The company's products eliminate only unwanted bacteria. This marks an important scientific breakthrough because it makes it possible for the first time to leave the billions of beneficial bacteria - which protect us - intact.

Micreos CEO Mark Offerhaus: "This investment will accelerate the expansion of our production facilities in Wageningen, to meet global demand for our products, notably for the prevention of MRSA and for people with acne, eczema and rosacea. Our antibacterial enzymes do not induce development of resistance and leave good bacteria intact; this makes them a real game changer. Millions of people can benefit, so there's no time to lose".

UK government's principle medical adviser, Prof. Sally Davis, warns that the rise in antibiotic resistant diseases could trigger a national emergency comparable to a catastrophic terrorist attack, pandemic flu or major coastal flooding: "The threat from infections resistant to frontline antibiotics is becoming so serious that it should be added to the government's national risk register of civil emergencies". She describes an "apocalyptic scenario" where people going for simple operations in 20 years' time die of routine infections "because we've run out of antibiotics".

Offerhaus: "Micreos works with some of the best University Medical Centers and Technology Institutes because we all realize resistance is fast becoming a reality. Much of our technology was developed together with the Swiss Federal Technology Institute, ETH Zurich. The use of anti-bacterial enzymes and phages is set to replace antibiotics in many areas because it is effective, safe and has no side effects, unlike antibiotics, disinfectants and chemicals. Therefore it's a logical solution, especially in the 'post-antibiotic' era".

About IIG

IIG focuses on the financing of innovative companies with a presence in Gelderland and a global potential in the 'top-sectors' Food, Health, Energy and Environmental Technology. IIG is managed by PPM Oost (http://www.ppmoost.nl).

About Micreos

Micreos develops products against unwanted bacteria and is viewed as technology leader spearheading this exciting new field. Its LISTEX was the first FDA "GRAS-approved" (Generally Recognized as Safe) phage product. In 2012 it launched GLADSKIN, a consumer skincare brand with revolutionary products containing anti-bacterial enzymes, such as Staphefekt, which kill only Staphylococcus aureus - the bacteria that cause the majority of skin infections.


Every two days roughly half of all bacteria on our planet are killed by phages. The mechanisms involved in this process form the basis of Micreos' platform technology. Phages are the most abundant micro-organisms on earth, harmless to humans, animals and plants and naturally present in high numbers on our skin, in our gut, environment, water and many of our foods. Thanks to today's technology we can use phages and their weapons as sustainable new tools in the fight against unwanted bacteria.

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