Micro Payment, Contactless Payment, SEPA: Utimaco's HSMs Remain Consistently the Anchor of Trust

Oct 26, 2012, 10:43 ET from Utimaco Safeware AG

AACHEN, Germany, October 26, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

- Custom HSMs at CARTES in Paris, Nov. 6-8, 2012 at Utimaco Safeware AG, Hall 4 / M062

Utimaco has dedicated the presentation of their hardware security modules (HSM) at this year's CARTES to the theme "As unique as you are", by which they are particularly responding to product suppliers and customers in the payment industry. Payment undergoes continuous change, like currently through SEPA or requirements through new mobile payment procedures. Due to these constant changes, payment suppliers request the highest security in addition to flexibility and long-term availability.

Some years ago, the introduction of "micro payments" for app stores and music downloads showed how consistent and enduring these changes in payment are: The transaction software needs to be modified to keep processing efficient. Subsequently, this leads to modifications in the security requirements, and HSMs must be able to comply with higher transaction rates and other changes. With its flexible platform, Utimaco's CryptoServers are, for example, able to adapt to new or modified interfaces, extensions of their own features, and even modifications of crypto procedures. Moreover, the CryptoServers are internationally deployable due to their approval by the German banking sector and their FIPS certification.

"When developing our HSMs, we were highly determined that our clients have the greatest freedom in the integration of the HSMs within their IT infrastructure and that they can continue using them when business models, security requirements and volumes change," says Dieter Bong, Product Manager CryptoServer at Utimaco, who goes on to explain: "Our partners and clients highly value the uniqueness of each HSM integration."

Launching its OEM program during CARTES 2012, Utimaco is the first manufacturer in the HSM market to now offer a program that allows product suppliers of payment solutions to create fully customized solutions themselves.

Utimaco's OEM program comprises the following four modules:

  • Product: The broad and proven product range of SafeGuard CryptoServer with its entire scope - from a "legacy" HSM solution to a software development kit.
  • Consulting: A comprehensive consulting module with which the clients can draw on more than 30 years of experience in integration.
  • Logistics: Adaptable global logistics processes.
  • Support: A custom support package tailored to clients' requirements - from assistance with software development for HSMs to support during malfunctions.

"The OEM program and its team are able to minimize many of the common obstacles during planning, production and operation by combining the modules individually for each client," explains Andreas Philipp, Head of Sales CryptoServer at Utimaco, and sums up: "By all flexibility, we always keep an eye on the long-term availability of our CryptoServer and give a delivery guarantee of up to five years."

Utimaco Safeware AG showcases at CARTES in Paris, Nov. 6-8, 2012 in Hall 4 / M062

Next week, there will be a press release on deploying SafeGuard CryptoServer for cloud applications.

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Utimaco Safeware AG, a member of the Sophos Group, has been a global leading provider for data encryption and the related cryptography for 25 years. The division of Hardware Security Modules (HSM) provides a comprehensive product portfolio for security requirements in industrial applications including the only freely-programmable HSM technology. Utimaco HSM develops and produces its CryptoServer product lines exclusively in its German headquarters. Utimaco HSM operates globally through its own sales and service network in Germany and North America and through its international partner network.

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