Micro Strategies Announces the Release of The MSI Profiler© Version 5.3 for Alfresco'© Open Source Document Management Systems

Jan 28, 2013, 07:00 ET from Micro Strategies Inc.

DENVILLE, N.J., Jan. 28, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- This new release enables even more robust and thorough document profiling and the addition of metadata to documents residing in an Alfresco repository.  Micro Strategies' MSI Profiler complements a company's indexing process, and because it enables the addition of metadata after initial document capture workflows it adds critical document intelligence capabilities that might otherwise be missed.

The MSI Profiler is a web-based solution that enables users to scan documents from within a repository; to assign metadata from a dashboard interface; to route documents to users or groups; and to execute pre-built workflows.   Using the MSI Profiler simplifies document tagging leading to better and more robust search results. It is a great addition for companies who need to process high value documents safely, quickly and efficiently and can reduce a document's processing time from hours to seconds. More importantly, it alleviates risks associated with processing critical customer documents especially once they are already in a repository.  It does this by allowing metadata to be added to documents even after the intake process has been completed, thereby enhancing search results and compliance. The MSI Profiler also ensures that no metadata needs to be entered manually; it is either pulled from the documents or from the enterprise system through a look-up.

Micro Strategies' MSI Profiler integrates easily with Alfresco and has been assisting users with document processing since 2007.  This newest release provides ad hoc scanning capabilities enabling users to assign metadata after initial document capture and even after a document or set of documents is already in an Alfresco repository.  It also allows integration with an attached desktop scanner.  Users access the MSI Profiler from an Alfresco Interface or by entering a specific URL address into a browser.  

The MSI Profiler provides a single interface to profile or index documents as they come into a repository or as an interface to review documents in a workflow activity.  Incoming documents can come from a scanning process, fax server, CD/DVDs from a backfile conversion, email or a migration of electronic documents (i.e. PDF, TIFF, JPG, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint). 

The MSI Profiler is a scalable solution.  Initial implementations provide the ability to profile incoming documents from a single source - and then scale as client needs grow. The MSI Profiler interface enables users to automatically populate document metadata from external systems; burst a large PDF document into smaller files for processing;  convert a "flat" image to a fill-able PDF form;  review e-mails and attachments in one panel, upload or add documents to an active workflow; validate indexed or profiled Information; provide one-button access to existing documents (MSA, Project Schedule, etc.); access external data system for review (CRM, GL, etc.), trigger events in other systems (Workflows, Notifications, Case Creation); notify users not involved with processing of the document about its availability and email the displayed document and other related documents back to the sender with comments and markups.

Businesses need to understand overall processing times and know how many documents are at any given stage in a process.  The MSI Profiler Dashboard allows users to monitor this information and to click on a specific item number in the process queue to display a list of the documents at that particular stage.  Users can then click on a document in the list to automatically launch the MSI Profiler and process the selected document.

Once clients learn about the capabilities of our MSI Profiler, they are eager to integrate it into their document management processes.  Micro Strategies has many clients whose instances of the MSI Profiler have been validated and are in compliance with 21 CFR part 11.   The MSI Profiler is currently in use in a number of industries - healthcare, hospitals, clinical research, immigration law, oil drilling and capital markets,

"Clients who have added the 5.3 Release of the MSI Profiler to their Alfresco DM Systems are noticing huge differences in search results and in document intelligence and compliance capabilities. They are eager to add it to all their mission-critical document repositories," stated Adam J. Storch, Vice President of Business Solutions at Micro Strategies.

Micro Strategies is a Platinum Alfresco partner and winner of the Alfresco Partner Implementation Award for 2012.

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