MicroSense, LLC wins first 300 mm wafer MRAM magnetic metrology tool orders

Jun 20, 2012, 17:45 ET from MicroSense, LLC

LOWELL, Mass., June 20, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- MicroSense, LLC, a worldwide leader in high sensitivity magnetic metrology systems, high resolution capacitive sensors and metrology modules, today announced that it has booked multiple customer orders for its MRAM (Magnetoresistive Random Access Memory) magnetic metrology systems from global semiconductor manufacturers.  These metrology tools characterize the magnetic properties of multi-layer wafers used in the development and manufacturing of perpendicular MRAM.

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"We have shipped a number of first generation MRAM metrology tools since 2004, but the industry had difficulty scaling for several years," said Tom McNabb, President and COO of MicroSense. "Now with STT-MRAM (Spin Transfer Torque MRAM) emerging as the solution to the scaling problem, it appears the industry is once again in motion. This has resulted in a number of new MRAM tool orders for MicroSense.  We are pleased to announce receiving orders for our new 300 mm Polar Kerr (out-of-plane) MRAM metrology system, in addition to orders for our KerrMapper™ (in-plane) tool and our Vibrating Sample Magnetometers (VSM)."

"These systems are the world's first full 300 mm wafer, non-contact magnetic metrology systems for perpendicular and in-plane MRAM, providing critical process control information on the multi-layer magnetic stack that is an essential component of MRAM fabrication," according to Ferenc Vajda, Ph.D., Director of Magnetic Metrology at MicroSense. "These metrology tools utilize our proprietary capabilities in magnetic field control and complex algorithms that result in world leading performance. Our systems can measure wafers up to 300 mm and are applicable to both R&D and production needs."

About MicroSense, LLC

MicroSense is a leading manufacturer of magnetic metrology tools and Vibrating Sample Magnetometers (VSM), which are utilized in high resolution metrology applications, such as hard disk drive disks & read/write head wafers, semiconductor wafers, and fundamental magnetic material characterization. Leading data storage and semiconductor equipment manufacturers as well as universities and research institutes around the world have used and trusted magnetic metrology systems from MicroSense for over 30 years.

MicroSense also offers an extensive line of patented capacitive sensors used to make very precise, high bandwidth measurements of precision products such as solar wafers, hard disk drive motors, air bearing spindles, precision X-Y stages, optical disks, automotive parts and machine tools. For over 40 years, leading equipment manufacturers around the world have used MicroSense capacitive sensors in wafer lithography systems, solar wafer measurement and sorters, autofocus mechanisms, nanopositioning stages, metrology tools and flat panel display manufacturing equipment.

With the June 12, 2012 acquisition of SigmaTech, Inc., MicroSense now offers award winning, automated wafer metrology solutions for LED, MEMS and semiconductor manufacturing.  Learn more at www.microsense.net.

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