Microsoft Beijing Accelerator 7th Batch Demo Day

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Microsoft built the innovation ecosystem with startups in 3.5 years in China

Mar 01, 2016, 01:48 ET from Microsoft Beijing Accelerator

BEIJING, March 1, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- 18 Startup teams from the 7th batch of Microsoft Beijing Accelerator presented their innovations on the Demo Day stage, which show out the scalability and verity of the ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship that Microsoft has been investing. Microsoft executives, accelerator alumni, hundreds of investors, journalists from more than 100 medias, and other industry insiders attended the event.

"The past three years and a half witnessed the growth of Microsoft Beijing Accelerator and the growth of the startup companies that have been incubated by the accelerator program across diverse products and services offerings," said Dr. Hsiao-Wuen Hon, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft, and Chairman of the Microsoft Asia-Pacific R&D Group (MSARD). "Most of the 126 companies incubated so far were focused in enterprise solution area, such as cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and mobile services. The broad coverage and diverse product offering reflects an increasingly inclusive and open mindset from Microsoft ecosystem. For teams with unique competitiveness in technologies and products, and those with ecological connection to Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA) and MSARD product and engineering groups, they have our long-term commitment and support from us."  

Growing along with the startups, Microsoft Beijing Accelerator has also experienced significant progress. It has been awarded with the "Best Incubator in China" for three consecutive years since 2013. Microsoft Beijing Accelerator has dedicated more than 10,000 hours of professional services and more than 300 hours of entrepreneurship training in arenas of strategy, investment and financing, technology and product, sales and marketing, branding and public relationship to the alumni. MSARD and MSRA also served as scientific think-tanks, and offered over 200 hours of consulting services in cutting-edge technologies. In the past 3.5 year, Microsoft Beijing Accelerator has received more than 4,200 counts of coverage in core China and international media, received over 1,400 employees candidate resumes, and organized 100+ business development events for startups with large enterprise accounts. Microsoft Beijing Accelerator also supported hundreds of startup community events like hackathons and developer conferences.

Startups in batch 7 of the Microsoft Beijing Accelerator will be showcasing the progress they made over the course of the program. For instance, Rongyun, the largest instant messaging cloud service provider in China, has successfully attracted more than 40,000 leading mobile developers in the country, has over 36,000 hosted apps, and enjoys 342 million Rongyun SDK service users. GrowingIO, a globally leading company for commercial data analysis, churned out new methodologies and technologies that reduces the working cycle of commercial data analysis from a few weeks to a few minutes or even several seconds. The company managed to win more than 100 commercial clients within two months after the product launch. VIPHRM, a leading one-stop HR cloud service platform, is now serving 68,000 small and medium enterprises as well as their more than 4 million employees in the country on a monthly basis. Carrobot, which took the lead to integrate aviation auxiliary display devices, natural man-machine interactions, and artificial intelligence technologies into applications for civilian cars, has developed a "Car HUD + natural man-machine interaction." 45 days after launching on to crowd fund in July 2015, the startup managed to raise a total of RMB 324 million.  

Microsoft Beijing Accelerator has built a partnership network with 100 investment institutions (ventures, etc.) to help bridge startups with top venture funding partner. In addition, Microsoft Beijing Accelerator is strategically teaming up with many industry leaders to help the startups find customers. Collectively, the 126 graduate startups currently reach 500 million individual users and manage more than 1 million enterprise accounts with their products and services. More than 93% have raised follow-on rounds of financing. As of today, the total market valuation for the 126 Microsoft Beijing Accelerator graduates add up to RMB 38 billion, and their market valuation grew by more than 600% after joining the Microsoft Beijing Accelerator program. So far, 3 graduates have been listed on the "National Equites and Exchange Question System (Nick name: New Third Board), while 12 have been acquired.  

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