Middleton Pediatrics Now Using Spot to Screen Patients

Number of requested vision screenings during annual exams expected to rise

Jan 26, 2012, 11:01 ET from PediaVision

LAKE MARY, Fla., Jan. 26, 2012  /PRNewswire/ -- In a pediatric practice dedicated to providing families with a unique and caring environment, Middleton Pediatrics is one of the first pediatric practices in Orlando using the Spot vision screener to assess their young patients vision.  This revolutionary vision screening device, created by PediaVision, is able to capture important vision data in one second or less. 

"The parents of our patients belong to a generation that embraces new technology in assessing their child's health," said Michael Middleton, M.D., founder of Middleton Pediatrics. "Technology has become such a major part of their lives that they expect it in health care and fully appreciate how beneficial this technology can be in assessing vision health."

The breakthrough vision screener, Spot, was recently introduced into the market and can assess the vision of anyone from six months through adult with unmatched accuracy and speed, delivering immediate comprehensive, noninvasive and objective results.  This has provided a significant change in Dr. Middleton's practice allowing his team to conduct vision screenings on  very young patients.

"We no longer have to wait for the children to reach a certain age so they can articulate what they are seeing on the eye chart," said Dr. Middleton.  "With Spot, we can now screen children from infancy through 18."

Liz Moore is the practice manager at Middleton Pediatrics who coordinated the introduction of Spot into the practice. Based on the reaction from patients and their parents, she is quite happy she made that decision.

"The children have been very receptive to the screening," said Moore. "Typically, a manual screening takes several minutes to check a child's vision, however Spot allows us to capture an accurate result in just a few seconds. It is a short process designed to get their attention with lights and sounds, making it easy for our team to use."

As PediaVision's Chief Executive Officer, David Melnik said, "For kids, Spot is no different than picking up a digital camera, saying smile, and click they are done. And what happens in that one second is a full analysis of that child's vision without them even realizing what has just occurred."

At this time, a little over half of the parents agree to vision screening as part of their child's annual physical.  However, Dr. Middleton expects that number to grow dramatically once parents see how quick, easy and comprehensive the screening is with Spot.

"Parents often tell me that they think Spot is great," said Dr. Middleton.  "Some parents have even asked if we can screen them, after watching us use Spot to screen their children."

About Spot
Spot has an incredibly quick capture time of one second or less which makes screening equally efficient in a physician's office or large-scale public screening. The WiFi enabled handheld device makes vision screening as easy as using a camera. Spot's touchscreen interface clearly displays the results accurately and instantly. 

About Middleton
Middleton Pediatrics is a family-centered pediatric medical home, founded in Orlando, Florida by Michael Middleton, M.D.  At Middleton Pediatrics, the entire team works to provide the highest level of pediatric care within an ongoing relationship with the child and the family.  The team at Middleton Pediatrics understands that caring for the health care needs of children is best accomplished when the child and the family are familiar and comfortable with those who are serving them.  "We hope to be a blessing to both the families we are serving and the community in which we work," said Dr. Middleton.  More information is available at www.middletonpediatrics.com.

About PediaVision
PediaVision, the inventor of the Spot vision screener, is dedicated to solving the critical problem of undiagnosed vision problems and transforming the lives of thousands of children each day. Automated and objective vision screening empowers organizations in public health and private medicine to positively affect the outcomes of a child's education performance.

Supported by ophthalmologists, optometrists, scientists and leading technology innovators, the Spot vision screener is breakthrough technology and represents what vision screening should be.  For more information, including how to order Spot, please visit www.pediavision.com


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