Mighty Men USA Christian Conference Debut Plans For 10,000

Murfreesboro TN, Is Getting Ready

Apr 11, 2013, 16:44 ET from World Outreach Church

MURFREESBORO, Tenn., April 11, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- MURFREESBORO, TN, is the primed destination for a unique event -- a dynamic combination of one of the largest men's Christian initiatives spanning across four continents and one of the fastest growing churches in the Southeast. The Mighty Men Conference USA debuts here on May 3 at 7 pm at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU). Host organizer World Outreach Church (WOC) of Murfreesboro has invited Angus Buchan, a South African potato farmer who first preached his message to a few dozen men in a non-producing field in 2004.  Buchan experienced a miracle harvest that seemed unexplainable.  Curiosity compelled the sharing of this phenomenon, known as Mighty Men Conferences, which have reached more than 400,000 men on multiple continents.

The Mighty Men Conference USA will tap many of the faith elements seen in Angus Buchan's world movies: Ordinary People, to be released this month, and Faith Life Potatoes. In addition, well known Country Artist Charlie Daniels, the contemporary Christian musical group of brothers, The Katinas, and World Outreach Worship will be featured at the conference. Tickets are on sale now at wochurch.org/mightymenusa.

Three years ago, Buchan and G. Allen Jackson, senior pastor of WOC, met at the Feast Of Tabernacles, Jerusalem-Israel, sharing the international pulpit with messages of common purpose. They soon bonded with one another through a central objective of ministry - helping men realize their unlimited life source available in God-Power through Christ applications and understanding.

"Strong Faith, Strong Men," said G. Allen Jackson, who initiated men's conferences in the area beginning in 2003 with guests like Oliver North and Charlie Daniels. In 2012, Jackson invited Buchan to join him to become part of the WOC Men's Conference, unifying these world events with local initiatives. "God has built something within us that has extraordinary impact once we combine what drives us with God's resources.  This conference will help men take another look at how we are doing with life. Our 90-minute event will pay attention to the rapid pace re-set with God solutions. When men lead with God, they find greater reward. Increased faith is on the rise," G. Allen Jackson believes.

G. Allen Jackson sees a newly emerging search for God happening all around.  Easter weekend, his congregation hosted more than 20,000 at a community service also held in the MTSU Murphy Center, Murfreesboro TN. Invited guest Willie Robertson/Duck Dynasty shared his ice-breaker God story. 

Earlier in the year, Jackson's practical faith workbook, The Extraordinary Life, received an immediate breakthrough, originating and expanding God-Spots through home, small group relational-gatherings leading from the Murfreesboro church to already 30 of the 50 states in less than three weeks!

"We all hear that this is the communications generation, connected with unparalleled significance of specially designed, hyper-use gadgets," G. Allen Jackson said. "I think this is history's season of a great hunger for purpose. People are prepared to do what no other generation has been called to do before by God. The challenge, though, is relating the often untapped mind of Scripture so everyone can wake up ready to the mightiness that sleeps within us!  God wants us to apply His tools for greatness.  And this deeper knowing is part of everyone."

An interdenominational, Christian church, World Outreach Church is located at 1921 New Salem Road in Murfreesboro, TN. The church can be found at wochurch.org and on Facebook and Twitter, and Pastor G. Allen Jackson's daily Tweets of inspirational message and thought can be followed via Twitter as well.

To purchase tickets go online to wochurch.org/mightymenusa or call the Mighty Men Conference USA organizers at (615) 896-4515.

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