MIIAtech Introduces Breakthrough Job and Resume Search and Matching Platform at 14th Annual HR Technology Conference & Expo

"GoldFish" Makes it Easier for HR Professionals to Quickly and Accurately Match Candidates to Open Positions

Oct 03, 2011, 08:30 ET from MIIAtech

LAS VEGAS and BRUSSELS, Oct. 3, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- A new job and resume search and matching platform developed specifically for the needs of recruiters and human resource (HR) professionals, is being introduced at the 14th Annual HR Technology Conference & Expo in Las Vegas (Mandalay Bay, booth 665) by MIIAtech (www.miiatech.com).

Called GoldFish, the enterprise software application allows users to quickly and accurately match job openings with the most qualified candidates, or perform a reverse job match using candidate experience to help identify appropriate positions. Users conduct searches in plain natural language, by entering job requirements, experience and/or desired skills. The system then returns the most appropriate candidates or job opportunities.

"Recruiters and HR managers are often overwhelmed with trying to sift through tens of thousands of resumes in order to find the best matches. At best, the process is tedious and inefficient," said Stephen Lernout, CEO, MIIAtech.   "Our new GoldFish application leverages the latest natural language processing technology to help HR professionals accomplish more with less."

GoldFish utilizes MIIAtech's Tautona™ technology to understand the meaning of what is being searched for and deliver the precise information required faster and more accurately than traditional keyword-based search or text mining applications. GoldFish can search multiple databases with both structured and unstructured information via PCs, smartphones or tablets. It is also cross-lingual, allowing questions to be asked in one language while the search is conducted in another or multi-lingual databases (e.g. Chinese; Russian; and/or French) and returning the answer in the original language the search was conducted.

"Keyword search frequently produces inaccurate results due to its lack of understanding.  For example, a search for a French-speaking candidate may return resumes of individuals who lived in France or worked for a French-based company," said Mr. Lernout.

"Another example we've tested is with HR professionals searching for a candidate with a specific title, such as content management specialist. Using a traditional keyword search, users receive only candidates with that exact title in their resume. Alternatively, GoldFish analyzes what a content management specialist does and returns candidates who have those qualifications, even if previous job titles were different."

GoldFish is available today either on a software as a service (SaaS) basis or installed on a customer's server.

For additional information, contact Frank Aernout, vice president, global marketing & communications at frank.aernout@miiatech.com.

About MIIAtech

MIIAtech (www.miiatech.com) is a next generation search and analysis software company. The company has developed an advanced multi-lingual Natural Language Processing platform, called Tautona™, which understands the meaning of what is being searched for and delivers the right information when it is needed, faster and more accurately than any other search system. The Tautona platform helps companies to save time and money by helping them to find the precise information they need from large, complex enterprise databases. MIIAtech, part of MIIA Belgium BVBA, is headquartered in Brussels, with corporate and sales offices in Hong Kong and the United States.

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