Milanoo Says Big Commercial Exploitations Behind "Scam"

Oct 08, 2012, 09:20 ET from

CHENGDU, China, Oct. 8, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Milanoo, a China-based company majoring in the online transnational apparel business, recently is pushed to the cusp of public opinion by a series of "Milanoo Scam" scandals. Yet, even Milanoo feels puzzled in finding the exact reason for lengthy posts appearing in social media websites of negative shopping experiences from two or three years ago. It is not difficult to know that big commercial exploitations and invisible competitions in e-marketing are under the surface of these phenomena.

Spreading or expanding negative sides of competitors is still the popular way of attacking others, making small negative experiences into social scandals. This is like the art of contrast rhetoric applied in literature. Quality problems from 2008 really hurt some of Milanoo's customers, yet, Milanoo realized this matter quickly and took serious measures to redress in the following four years, which improved the quality of Milanoo products greatly to satisfy the need of customers all over the world. To everyone's surprise, this company is attacked by one blog post complaining about the poor quality of the 2009 Lolita dress; yet continual and supportive comments have been added to this post for the last three years. E-marketing competition is a serious matter. Once damage is inflicted, you may suffer heavy loss or be sifted out of this competition completely.

In the Milanoo Scam event, framing a negative case against the competitor or creating fabricated information has proved to be another way of making commercial speculations. According to Milanoo CEO Albert Feng,,, and are initially founded for the sake of testing and is the only site in business. However, a post in one social net site listed hundreds of websites big or small mentioned as branches of In the social net world, everyone enjoys the freedom of speech, which lets many innocent people follow and spread a fact without any evidence. It is really a good way of highlighting and advertising other sites via Milanoo's fame.

Creating a relatively just environment for online business and following the business rules are highly important for merchant websites. Search Engines may take this heavy responsibility.

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Milanoo is a leading transnational online retailing B2C China-based corporation, specializing in providing wedding and special events dresses, Cosplay costumes, Zentai suits and other widely selectable styles of apparel and accessories to meet the expectations of especially women customers. A snap shot of grasping the trend of global fashion, Milanoo is willing to share "passion for fashion" philosophy and pass "oriental fashion" conception throughout the world.