Milanoo Wedding Dresses: This Year, More Brilliant than Ever

Feb 19, 2013, 08:00 ET from

CHENGDU, China, Feb. 19, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- One might think that church weddings and brides in gorgeous wedding dresses are only scenes from Western life or European and American romantic movies. But as the popularity of Milanoo dresses shows, since the past century, Western weddings have gained widespread, far-reaching influence in every corner of the world. People from all over the world in countries like China are showing tremendous passion for holding Western weddings.

As the second largest economic entity in the world, China has witnessed the opening of its economy and rapid development over the past 30-plus years. This has been accompanied by the increasing popularity of branded clothing culture originating from European and American countries, including clothes like wedding dresses. It is observed that more and more movies and television shows are transmitting and promoting Western wedding culture. For example, a few years ago, a series of films called "If You Are the One", directed by Feng Xiaogang, presented a multitude of romantic scenes of Western weddings. Currently, some women even wear wedding dresses when participating in China's hot televised dating show, also called "If You Are the One", a program that has gathered followings in North America, the UK, South Korea and beyond.

In fact, for many the highlight of a Western wedding is the clothes, especially the bride's dress. This culture is catching on in China and beyond, and every day, there is an average of 13,500 bridegrooms and brides holding Western weddings throughout the world. Numerous shrewd businessmen have seized the business opportunities created by this trend, and coastal cities in China like Chaozhou, Guangzhou, Suzhou and so on have become the world's greatest wedding dress distribution centers. Chaozhou alone produces more than 75% of the world's quality wedding dresses.

It is recorded in historical materials that Chaozhou was the site of the development of Chao embroidery, one of the four famous styles of Chinese embroidery in the Tang Dynasty. At the beginning of the 21st century, ingenious Chaozhou people blended Chao embroidery into modern wedding dresses. The unique craftsmanship endows Chaozhou wedding dresses with fashion as well as grace. Nowadays, wedding dresses made in Chaozhou sell well in European and American countries.

For a long time, Chinese entrepreneurs have traded wedding clothes worldwide, but due to the global financial crisis in 2008, demands for small orders began to increase. In addition, an increasing number of people had their own personal demands. As a result, it has become more and more popular to buy wedding dresses made in China online, providing Chinese foreign-trade online retailers with new opportunities. Some well-known e-business websites such as LightInTheBox, and the like have been rapidly developing in the past few years. Furthermore, these websites have now transited from simple trade sales to independent design and OEM. What's more, the quality and popularity of these wedding dresses has been improving.

Compared with European and American wedding dress websites, these Chinese websites enjoy their own unique advantages, such as well-established wedding dress production and processing bases, guaranteed supplies, connection with the workman standards for world-famous wedding dresses, high quality and cost performance, professional and considerate online services and after-sale services. These wedding dress websites cooperate with global logistic companies to ensure rapid dispatch worldwide at a low cost and offer localized online services such as PayPal and credit cards to facilitate the easy placement of orders.

It is particularly noticeable that unlike other wedding dress websites, the 5-year-old international wedding dress website Milanoo specializes in clothing like wedding dresses. Firstly, Milanoo emphasizes following the latest global fashion trends for passionate, distinctive designs with sexy, avant garde elements. Additionally, the professional website sets up model cards and columns, and offers interaction with users online and customized design. The operating team consists of fans and lovers of fashion culture who often hold fashion shows and gatherings. Moreover, Milanoo has a rapid supply chain geared for e-commerce with the same bases to make wedding dresses like Chaozhou, Guangzhou and Suzhou, with the most influential European and American wedding dress suppliers.

Finally, Milanoo guarantees quality wedding dresses. It provides service terms to guarantee high quality and performance costs on its website. Additionally, Milanoo offers careful, considerate and satisfactory services such as diversifying selections, large-size wedding dresses and so on.

"Thank you, Milanoo. You have presented me an amazing wedding dress. I love you. The dress has made my dream come true," reads one customer's message on Milanoo. Another declares, "Yes, every ordinary girl dreams of becoming Cinderella. When you walk to your 'prince' in the wedding dress you have been dreaming of, you feel like a unique and incomparable bride."

Comparatively speaking, Milanoo wedding dresses can be recommended for their professionalism, and customers' purchase decisions have been encouraged by the company's high level of performance, popular fashions and customized designs. Look forward to more surprises from Milanoo in 2013.