Military Channel's "THE BROKAW FILES" Reflects On Iconic Moments In History With Fresh Insight From Legendary Journalist Tom Brokaw

- World Premiere Airs Monday, October 15 at 10 PM E/P with Six New Episodes -

Sep 20, 2012, 13:22 ET from Military Channel

SILVER SPRING, Md., Sept. 20, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Thousands of snapshots make up the composite picture of Tom Brokaw's prolific NBC News documentaries. For more than 40 years, Brokaw has held a front-row seat to history while traveling the world to capture pivotal events like Ronald Reagan during his final days in the Oval Office; World War II veterans returning to the beaches of Normandy 40 years after D-Day; and a day in the life of young crew members aboard a nuclear aircraft carrier deployed to Afghanistan. Now, in the Military Channel's new series THE BROKAW FILES, the legendary NBC News anchor and best-selling author revisits the most iconic moments from his award-winning broadcasts to reflect on those events, and to provide his own fresh perspectives, including personal stories he's never shared, that place these seminal events into a modern context. Produced by NBC News' Peacock Productions, the six-episode first season of THE BROKAW FILES premieres Monday, October 15 at 10 PM E/P. Subsequent episodes will premiere Tuesdays at 10 PM.

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"I am very excited to have the opportunity to present these important lessons of history on the Military Channel. They continue to inform and instruct us in ways that are at once relevant to the 21st century. It's a privilege to be associated with such a bold initiative," Brokaw said.

"We are really excited to have Tom Brokaw, one of the greatest broadcast journalists of our generation, join us at the Military Channel," said Ed Hersh, SVP of Content Strategy for the Military Channel. "THE BROKAW FILES encompasses everything we want the channel to be, with fascinating stories of the military as well as new insights into events that have shaped the modern world."

The world premiere of THE BROKAW FILES anchors Military Channel's "RED HOT AND NEW WEEK" of special programming airing Monday, October 15 to Saturday, October 20. Six additional series and episodes premiering throughout the week will reveal even more missions and top-secret technologies and breathe life into the important American histories that Military Channel's viewers crave.

Episodes of THE BROKAW FILES include:

  • Return to D-Day Premieres Monday, October 15 at 10 PM E/P
    On the 60th anniversary of Normandy's storming, Brokaw revisited the battlefield and spoke with three Americans who survived D-Day but are still dealing with the horrific memories. In this episode, Brokaw reflects on his visit to Normandy on that poignant anniversary, recalls when the WWII memorial opened in 2004, and shares his hope that the young people of today will strive to serve their country and give their best to make this nation great.
  • Ronald Reagan
    In an interview conducted just two days before Reagan left office, Brokaw sat down with the beloved out-going president to reflect on his life, his accomplishments, and his vision of the future. Now, Brokaw looks back at that remarkable interview to ponder how Reagan, who some credit as being "the architect of modern conservatism," framed the Republican platform on which all future party candidates built their campaigns.
  • USS Stennis Aircraft Carrier
    Ten years ago, Brokaw stepped on deck of the aircraft carrier USS John C. Stennis to learn what a day in the life is like for the 5,000-member crew aboard a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier going into war against al-Qaeda. This year, the Stennis returned home to a heroes' welcome after a 7-month deployment in Afghanistan. While thousands have come and gone in the decade in between his visits, Brokaw finds that the sense of honor, duty, camaraderie, and patriotism remains aboard.
  • The Greatest Generation
    Inspired by a trip to Normandy on the 40th anniversary of D-Day, Brokaw became fascinated by the cultural shifts that occurred as WWII soldiers returned home to America to rebuild their lives and their nation before passing the torch to the next generation. Now, Brokaw reflects on the modern-day effort to document heroic and untold stories of this generation and the importance of preserving the rich history of a defining era.
  • 9/11 Air Traffic Controllers
    In the chaos of 9/11, the men and women controlling the communication in the skies above America had to piece together a tragic puzzle. One year after the attacks, Brokaw sat down for an exclusive interview with these heroic air traffic controllers to discuss the events of this unimaginable attack on America's homeland and the lessons learned. More than a decade later, Military Channel catches up with one of those controllers about how the events of 9/11 forever changed the industry and the lives of air traffic controllers.
  • The Commander in Chief
    Brokaw goes behind the tour route's velvet ropes to experience a day in the life of a U.S. president. Brokaw shadowed the Clinton White House at the one hundred-day mark of his presidency, and discussed war strategy with George W. Bush in an exclusive interview aboard Air Force One. Brokaw now discusses the legacy of these presidents as well as their vastly different approaches to life after the White House.

THE BROKAW FILES is produced exclusively for the Military Channel by NBC News' Peacock Productions with executive producer Colleen Halpin. For NBC News' Peacock Productions, Benjamin Ringe and Knute Walker are executive producers and Sharon Scott is executive in charge of production. For Military Channel, Max Culhane is executive producer, Sara Kozak is senior vice president of production, Ed Hersh is senior vice president of content strategy, and Henry Schleiff is president and general manager.

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