Military Leaders Renew Call for Gary Miller to Come Clean on Service After Candidate Fails to Release Full Military Records

Three high-ranking military veterans demand that Congressman Gary Miller release his complete military records after a previous partial release fails to answer questions regarding his claims of service.

Jun 07, 2010, 19:47 ET from Major General Paul Vallely, Colonel John Fer and Lt. Colonel Robert Patterson

WHITTIER, Calif., June 7 /PRNewswire/ -- This news is released on behalf of Major General Paul Vallely, Colonel John Fer and Lt. Colonel Robert Patterson:

Prodded by the publication of an article highlighting his history of misrepresenting his service in the U.S. military in Harper's Magazine Online and a statement by three decorated military veterans requesting the release of his full service, medical records and DD-214 form, six-term Congressman Gary Miller instead released a document which was created in 2007 with partial details regarding his separation from the Army in 1967 and which is not valid unless accompanied by an official seal. The document clearly states, "This certification of military service is issued in the absence of a copy of the actual Report of Separation or its equivalent. This document serves as verification of military service and may be used for any official services. Not valid without official seal."

In a separate development, Miller claimed last week that his dismissal from military service was due to an ulcer he had suffered at the age of ten. However, the question of whether one has a history of ulcers is typically asked prior to enlistment in the United States military.

In response to Miller's release of the form that was created three years ago which does not detail his military service or the reasons for his dismissal after 54 days of service, three respected military veterans, Major General Paul Vallely, Colonel John Fer and Lt. Colonel Robert "Buzz" Patterson, have renewed their call for Miller to release his complete military and medical records to remove all doubt regarding the circumstances of his enlistment.

"Gary Miller is behaving like a politician with something to hide but voters deserve better: they deserve the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth and in a timely manner before they head to the polls," noted Vallely, Fer and Patterson. "If Gary is going to ask citizens in his district to make the ultimate sacrifice by sending their sons and daughters off to die for their country, they deserve to know the truth about his own military service." 

The document released by Miller's camp, Form NA 13038, is typically used only when a DD- 214 form has been lost or destroyed.  The document made available online does not contain a seal or any additional underlying documentation.

"Releasing a document created three years ago instead of his full military records does nothing to alleviate the concerns of voters in the 42nd district and only increases the suspicion that Gary Miller is hiding something," noted the three in a joint statement. "Gary has been caught clearly misrepresenting his record over the span of a decade and he now comes forward with a document that was not called for and with a story that somehow the Army rejected him because he had once suffered an ulcer as a young boy. It is highly unlikely that the U.S. Army would have rejected a soldier at the height of the Vietnam War because of an ulcer he suffered when he was 10 years old. But if the story is true, then there's one way to confirm: Gary needs to release his records including his service, medical and DD-214 form and clear up the matter once and for all. We call upon him to do so immediately."

SOURCE Major General Paul Vallely, Colonel John Fer and Lt. Colonel Robert Patterson