Milk Takes Center Stage at California's Favorite Eateries

From Sweet to Savory, Got Milk? Finds the State's Best Milk Recipes for Summer

Jul 08, 2015, 12:03 ET from California Milk Processor Board

SAN CLEMENTE, Calif., July 8, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Summer is here and as families venture out for vacations and outdoor adventures, consuming the amount of milk recommended for a healthy diet can become increasingly challenging. As it stands, only 20% of the US population meets the daily recommended intake of dairy products1. To help families obtain the essential nutrients found in milk while out enjoying their favorite summer activities, The California Milk Processor Board (CMPB), creator of got milk?, released California's Best Milk Recipes, a guide of the best milk-based recipes from across the Golden State. All recipes are original creations by local eateries and were selected for their use of wholesome fresh ingredients and milk as their base.

As the country's top dairy producing state, California restaurants are taking advantage of the local resources to create decadent milk-based recipes. The husband and wife team behind Palm Springs favorite Great Shakes has been working with their local dairy since they opened their doors in 2013, and Sacramento-based gelato artisan and Devine Gelateria owner Elizabeth McCleary also sources hers locally to create her exquisite gelatos. Milk contributes to the depth of flavor and creamy textures that make every establishment's offerings delectable, but most importantly, it provides important nutrients that everyone needs.

Whether you are enjoying the sunny beaches of Southern California or the beautiful landscapes in the Northern part of the state, got milk? has identified the perfect local eatery to help everyone in the family continue to consume the recommended three cups of milk a day.

With recipes ranging from a rich mac and cheese to an ice cream with a jalapeno kick, all the featured recipes showcase milk's versatility and ability to complement a variety of flavor profiles. California's Best Milk Recipes include:


Strawberries & Cream Gelato - Devine Gelateria & Cafe           

Made with delicious ruby-red strawberries and fresh milk from local farms, this flavorful gelato takes taste buds on a quick trip to Italy.


Gilroy Garlic Mac - Homeroom

Creamy Gouda, sharp Pecorino and just the right amount of roasted garlic makes this mac and cheese the king of comfort foods. 


Iced Cafe con Leche - Cafe Corazon

Freshly roasted coffee beans brewed to perfection and mixed with sugar, cinnamon and whole milk, this cafe served over ice will be a treat on any hot summer day.


Jalapeno Cream Cheese Ice Cream - Moo Creamery

Talk about originality! This cream cheese ice cream with a spicy kick will titillate even the most cultured palate. 


Greek Yogurt & Raspberry Ice Pop - Artesana Pops

Created with 100% fresh and natural ingredients, this creamy ice pop is truly a guiltless pleasure.


Banana Caramel Graham Shake - Great Shakes

The combination of perfectly ripe bananas, buttery salted caramel, bits of homemade piecrust and wholesome milk make this banana cream pie-ish milkshake simply amazing.                    


Tres Leches Doughnut with Milk Sorbet - Table No 10

Not one, or two, but three different types of milk comprise the rich flavors of this puffy trio of doughnuts served with a decadent milk sorbet. 

"It's exciting to see how these innovative recipes and local favorites are being brought to life thanks to the wonderful properties of milk," said Steve James, Executive Director of the CMPB.  "We're happy to help Californians find these establishments so they can enjoy each of their unique milk creations and get the right amount of dairy this summer," he added.

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About the CMPB
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SOURCE California Milk Processor Board