Millennial Research Corporation Generator Successfully Completes Field Trial

Apr 24, 2012, 15:51 ET from Millennial Research Corporation

TULSA, Okla., April 24, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Millennial Research Corporation (MRC) ( today announced the successful completion of a field demonstration of the MRC 100kW natural gas generator platform in a four company collaborative test carried out on an active producing oil well in southwestern Kansas. The test resulted in projected savings of over 50%.


MRC is the developer of Magnetronics, a patented, dynamically innovative, and world's first fully modular electric motor and generator technology.  The completion of this field test positions the company to now capitalize on its numerous patents and 5+ years of development, shifting to profitability with a near term product delivery and substantial PO in the making with Specialized Automation Services (

Specialized Automation Services LLC (SAS) is a major provider of Instrumentation & Control and Electrical Power Distribution services in the Oil & Gas Industry. The MRC 100kW generator is modular and operates at variable RPM. It was cooperatively developed for SAS. The objective was to deliver a technologically advanced, ultra efficient, field repairable solution to the efficiency and environmentally focused oil and gas industry.  The test was carried out on an oil well site in southwestern Kansas.

Test results, summarized in the table above, clearly illustrate the remarkable economic savings delivered by the MRC generator platform. The MRC natural gas burning platform is capable of delivering as much as 50%+ savings in energy as compared to using conventional electric utility driven pump systems. "This type of dramatic economic bottom line benefit is a game changer in the oil and gas industry and we are pleased to be the exclusive distributor of this advanced generation technology in the oil and gas industry," stated Jared Roberts, VP of SAS.

"Our goal for this test was to compare one-to-one with a typical electric driven deep well pump system," stated Mr. Michael McDaniels, CTO of Millennial Research. "Our generator performed significantly better than the original electric driven system indicating that oil could be pumped to the surface at a much lower cost per barrel. This has obvious implications for other markets and applications," Mr. McDaniels continued.

The engine driving the MRC variable RPM generator was a VR380 Turbo natural gas engine by Arrow Engines (  "Management at Arrow Engines has been a solid supporter of our initiative here," stated Darin Long, CEO of Millennial Research Corp.

"We thank our cooperative partners for their help in this test. These test results confirm that our Magnetronic electric generators and motors present a significant technological advance both in efficiency and adaptability. The pent up interest we have with parties desiring to license our patented technology and buy our generators is considerable. Over the next months we will commence production, make sales and advance our patented technology into several additional key market segments that are uniquely prepared to enjoy our technology's cost savings and bottom line benefits," continued Mr. Long.

The field test report can be downloaded from:

Historical Background

In the 1800s the telegraph, the automobile and the electric motor were invented and first patented. Since that time we have portable cellular telephones and automobiles that virtually park themselves. However, worldwide we still use the same basic electric motor design that was first created in 1873!  Until now.

Millennial Research's Magnetronics™ is the first 21st century motor and generator technology free from the limiting design principles of the 1800's designs, fully analogous to the advent of the digital cellular phone and modern automobiles.

Traditional, old school generators have been called "lossy" by scientists due to functional reliance on iron. The drive for efficiency from within the confines of these original designs has express limits resulting in documented losses.

Magnetronics is the answer.

  1. MRC's elegant modular platform is expandable and adaptable to virtually any form factor without the use of iron in its generative or motive processes.
  2. The modular design ensures fault tolerance with the basic repair being as easy as using a screw driver.
  3. Load matching through low and variable RPM output yield efficiencies all along the output curve, not one fixed RPM.

The market is global. EVERY electric motor or generator (both new installations and retrofit) in the world is a potential Magnetronics application.

Global energy concerns drive decision making and profitability. Where the increase of efficiency of only 1% can result in billions of dollars in revenues, Magnetronics can offer efficiency and value propositions unknown in the global electric motor and generator market resulting in vast earnings potential through both licensing revenues and unit sales.

Manufacture-able and repairable globally. The technology is elegant in design, modular, scalable and easily manufactured in "capital simple" factories to supply local demand.  The global demand extends into hundreds of millions of units in industries and geographies near and remote in any application from back-up power to primary power, direct power or grid tie.

About Millennial Research Corp.

Millennial Research Corp. (MRC) is the developer of Magnetronics, a patented, dynamically innovative, and world's first fully modular electric motor and generator technology.  For additional information concerning Millennial Research Corporation (MRC) please go to: (

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