Miller Heiman Releases Results of 9th Annual Study of World-Class Sales Organizations

Miller Heiman Sales Best Practices Study identifies initiatives that are most influential in driving growth among World-Class Sales Organizations.

Mar 07, 2012, 11:02 ET from Miller Heiman

RENO, Nev., March 7, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Miller Heiman, a leading sales performance consulting firm, released today the results of its ninth annual research effort, the Miller Heiman Sales Best Practices Study, the largest global study of selling and sales management best practices in the complex selling environment.


"We've seen a consistent pattern of increased interest each year in the results from this study among sales leaders from around the world," said Sam Reese, CEO, Miller Heiman. "This annual study, along with our recent launch of the Miller Heiman Research Institute,  is part of our ongoing commitment to developing insights and resources to help sales leaders make strategic decisions."

The study defined an exclusive group who outperformed in customer management activities and organizational efforts such as operations and management execution. Representing just six percent of the study participants, this group – referred to as World-Class Sales Organizations - showed significantly better results in several key performance metrics when compared to other study participants including qualified lead volume, new customer acquisition and retention, salesperson productivity, and quota achievement.

Miller Heiman's annual study seeks to understand what makes an organization successful from year to year. The latest results came from data collected during the fall of 2011 and included more than 1,200 professionals at companies in complex selling environments regarding the sales activities and performance of their organizations.

A handful of distinct pictures emerged from the best practices of World-Class Sales Organizations. The selling and sales management activities within these three areas helped these organizations achieve significantly better growth across the measurements included in the study.

  • Understanding Your Customer
  • Priorities for Front-Line Sales Management
  • Technology's Role in Improving Business Results

An Executive Summary of the results of this study includes insights for sales leaders to capitalize on the findings when validating and continuing to develop their strategies to be successful this year.

View a complimentary copy of the study highlights or download the executive summary for detailed insights about the best practices of World-Class Sales Organizations:

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