Mina Mar Group Commences Enforcement Against the Investors Hub Slander Judgment

Jan 29, 2010, 05:35 ET from Mina Mar Group

TORONTO, Jan. 29 /PRNewswire/ - Mina Mar Group Inc. www.minamargroup.com/ (MMG) and Mina Mar Marketing Group www.minamargroup.net/ (MMMG) inform the public that the courts ruled in the favour of Mina Mar Group in slander lawsuit against Investors Hub. Copy of the certified court order can be found on this link http://www.minamargroup.com/client_interests.php

Miro Zecevic CEO of MMG said "Our business has boomed since we commenced the slander lawsuit. Once we were awarded the judgment it then sky rocketed into what can best be described as a hyper growth stage. This has created a surge of new clients both from the private and public sector seeking our services. This hyper growth has a ripple effect, which is trickling down to our clients and their shareholders. For example, we are introducing all new private company clients to our existing public company clients. Some of our public company clients are now engaged in 3 and 4 way merger discussions with companies 10 to 50 times their size. I encourage all CEOs of private and especially public companies and or their IR agents to join our efforts, either as a co plaintiff or we encourage them to start their own.

We encourage open dialogue and discussions with real shareholders but when a "work at home earn thousands of dollars" type of individual employed by short sellers and market makers start disseminating false and malicious information something must be done to curb this abuse and to rain them in.

We hope that our actions have broken the ice and that many CEO's and companies will follow in our foot steps. We have seen some great American companies with leading edge technologies (some who are in the process of joining us as clients) reduced to ashes, demoralized and at their wits end because of the heavy handed burden placed upon them by these unscrupulous individuals. Their ability to raise capital or just borrow moneys is crippled as lenders shy away from controversy. We have seen USA based companies offering their almost ready to launch projects shelved or sold to foreigners for pennies on the dollar. We are currently in negotiations with another USA based company that has certain green energy technology that can best be described as revolutionary ready to give up as they cant get a break to meet payroll and start marketing their products. Why the USA authorities allow this abuse to continue is alien to us but we intend to do our part to curb this abuse and destruction of small business.

No more we say! Things are about to change. Enough is enough! These bashers are self serving and cowards. They produce nothing. They create nothing. Their entire existence is dependant on destruction of other individual's hard work. Billions of dollars are erased in equities, effecting thousands of innocent people. Innovation and progress is thwarted. Entrepreneurs' dreams are lost simply because a few crafty and loosely organized individuals greed to make a quick profit. They pray on novice and unsuspecting followers like vultures. Yes they are good at what they do, and they are quite good at recruiting unsuspecting and novice followers. This begs the question, if these stock bashers are unhappy with a certain company why not simply liquidate their position and move on with their lives? Simply cut your loses and move on. The simple answer is their job is to bash. Reasoning with them is like asking the Taliban to fight in accordance with the Geneva Convention. Our message is simple. If you as a basher must stoop to this level of earning a living of posting false and malicious information, to each their own just be on notice that we will come after anyone when they falsely accuse any of our clients".

Our efforts are being noticed by companies and officials. We have received many acknowledgements and we will fight on for our clients and their shareholders. Yesterday, in accordance with Chinese customary business etiquette, ahead of any major or significant business events (MMG has several clients finalizing mergers and a dozen new China clients) a ceremonial celebration with the provincial government of Jianxi in China was held. In attendance were Vice Mayor of Nanchang City, Vice minister of Foreign Affairs Jianxi Province and the Deputy Secretary Nanchang City. The event featured two Jianxi client companies Sanhe Tech destined for SKGO merger and Jiang Xi Rongyu Pharmacutical Group, Inc subsidiary of HIRU. Other business leaders found the event a great networking venue for the businesses of the Jianxi region. MMG capped the evening off with a 5 figure donation to a Chinese charity that supports single mothers and battered women. In total $300,000 was raised for the charity foundation.

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