Mind Solutions, Inc. Begins Final Design Phase For Micro BCI Headset

Jul 03, 2014, 12:00 ET from Mind Solutions, Inc.

SAN DIEGO, July 3, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Mind Solutions, Inc. (OTC - VOIS), has selected a respected Southern California design firm to provide the final version of the Company's BCI / EEG device currently in development. This is the final phase and process needed to bring the Company's anticipated product to market.

The Company will receive three design prototypes to choose from, which will be tested for comfort, functionality and visual appearance. It is the goal of the Company to create the smallest, wearable BCI device on the market. Using dry sensor technology, the end product is expected to be extremely user-friendly.

Mind Solutions has fast tracked the process by securing all components needed and engaged a very efficient firm to complete the product. The Company plans to launch the product world-wide once complete, supported by a robust marketing plan. Joe Abrams, Cofounder of MySpace parent company will assist with the distribution and leveraging of existing relationships to increase sales significantly.

* Correction to the Company's last PR dated 6-19-14: The increase in revenue is correct for the first quarter 2014 (rather than the third quarter as stated).

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SOURCE Mind Solutions, Inc.