Mind Solutions Shareholder Update 2015

Dec 01, 2015, 12:12 ET from Mind Solutions, Inc.

SAN DIEGO, Dec. 1, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Mind Solutions, Inc. (OTC - VOIS), is providing this update to shareholders as it pertains to the core business and publicly traded common stock price. The Company is current on all SEC filings and is diligently pressing forward to increase sales for the fourth quarter, 2015. The Company has initiated Phase 1 of the marketing plan, which is primarily driven by online sales. Banner ads for NeuroSync, ( The world's smallest Brain-Computer-Interface) appear on high traffic websites such as Facebook and Google and are generating sales through www.TheNeuroSync.com as well as through www.Amazon.com . The Company plans to implement Phase 2 of marketing next quarter, which will include video commercials in addition to an increase in online advertising.

The Company's common stock price has taken a hit in recent weeks, despite the completion and launch of NeuroSync. This is due largely in part to Funders converting their stock and selling into the market. The capital received from these Funders was crucial to complete development of NeuroSync and bring the product to market. In most cases, these small investment banking firms convert their investment to common stock after six months and sell in the open market for a profit. This dynamic provides a disconnect between the underlying business and the price of the common stock. The Company's business is moving forward independent of the common stock price, with the goal of becoming the best selling BCI on the market.

Management has been cost conscious and has waived salaries for the past five months in order to allocate funds to the completion of the product and marketing. Office space is provided at no cost to the Company and additional support is provided by independent contractors rather than through full time employees. With sales of NeuroSync now underway, the Company anticipates a reduction in capital needed going forward and is diligently pursuing better financing terms. The Company appreciates the support of its shareholders and is very optimistic of the future of NeuroSync and the direction of the Company.

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