MindArk Partners With Project Whitecard Studios

Developer of the NASA-Themed MMO to help bring Entropia Universe to Tablets

Aug 14, 2012, 08:05 ET from MindArk

GOTHENBURG, Sweden, Aug. 14, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- MindArk, the developer of the largest real cash economy Massively Multiplayer Online Game, announced today it is working with Project Whitecard, Inc. to develop a new client that can deliver their MMO projects on virtually any browser and mobile based platform. This new technology will allow users to play from virtually anywhere they have a connection.

"By working together with Project Whitecard Studios we will have the ability to bring our fans a new way to stay connected with Entropia Universe," said David Simmonds, CEO of MindArk. 

Founded in 2008 by CEO Khal Shariff, Project Whitecard Inc. is an award-winning company currently developing the NASA-themed MMO, code-named "Starlite." The official massively multiplayer world developed in conjunction with NASA will deliver exciting adventures in the year 2035 with accurate science, technology, engineering and mathematics content while players vie to be the best and brightest Astronauts. 

"It became clear that Project Whitecard Studios and MindArk have many of the same goals and passions, and primarily, we want to deliver the best possible solution to our collective customer base, one that gives them freedom and one that allows us to fully express our creative visions. I am very excited to be working within such an incredible alliance. I also feel this collaboration gives us the best option to set a new standard for multiplayer engagement, and let's face it, modeling the possible futures of space travel, and sharpening minds: that's simply the coolest, isn't it?" says Khal Shariff, CEO of Project Whitecard Studios Inc.

MindArk is the developer and publisher of Entropia Universe, the largest real economy Massively Multiplayer Online Game in the world. Players have no monthly costs, but deposit and withdraw real funds for their adventures on any planet in the Entropia Universe. For more information on Entropia Universe or to download the free game please visit www.entropiauniverse.com.    

About Project Whitecard Studios

Project Whitecard Studios Inc. Is an award-winning technical company specializing in serious games and digital training. From its inception, Project Whitecard has worked with luminaries such as the Canadian Space Agency, delivering an award winning educational game to over 1 million students. Project Whitecard Studios and CET Wheeling Jesuit University are the recipients of a Mozilla/HASTAC/MacArthur Foundation award to create a digital badge solution with NASA-themed content, and a series of digital activities starting with the Curiosity Rover landing are available http://www.starlitebadges.com .

For more information on Project Whitecard and the NASA-themed MMO Game, please visit
http://www.projectwhitecard.com  |  http://ipp.gsfc.nasa.gov/mmo/

About MindArk

MindArk is the developer and publisher of Entropia Universe, a game space that encompasses multiple planet partners each with their own unique setting and gameplay style.  As the largest real economy Massively Multiplayer Online Game in the world Entropia Universe offers players the ability to participate in a unique virtual world where they have no monthly costs. Its innovative real money economy uses a virtual currency which has a fixed exchange rate with the US dollar. This allows players to deposit and withdraw real funds for their adventures on any virtual planet or in the real world. Planet Calypso uses a state of the art graphics engine to deliver the highest quality visuals in an MMO today.

For more information on MindArk please contact us at the email below or go to our website at http://www.mindark.com  

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MindArk Media:
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For further information about Project Whitecard or the NASA MMO, please contact:

Project Whitecard Inc.
Don Fraser and Rob Patterson
1-855-269-0718 (North America)