Mineral royalties fraud: Environmental expert opens website to protect property owners

Jun 20, 2012, 15:38 ET from Smith Stag LLC

NEW ORLEANS, June 20, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- In an effort to protect property owners amid increasing complaints that Big Oil and Gas are not providing fair and just compensation for drilling on their land, Environmental Attorney Stuart Smith, Smith Stag LLC, is launching a nationwide website about mineral royalties fraud.

"This problem is so serious due to the current fracking boom," said Mr. Smith. "The increasing complaints we hear from property owners are that oil and gas companies are underpaying for the amount of oil or gas extracted, or drilling underneath their land from a property next door or nearby, without obtaining the rights."

Thus, a new website started by Mr. Smith's law firm, www.Mineralroyaltiesfraud.com, explains this problem for property owners in simple terms, answers frequently asked questions and reviews the latest cases. An online form also allows for free case evaluation.

Recent cases in New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio have involved successful suits by property owners forcing oil and gas companies to renegotiate mineral leases according to fair market rates.

"There are stories about mineral royalties fraud almost every day," said Mr. Smith. "With all the well-deserved publicity that America's frackapalooza has brought to unsafe environmental practices that poisoned the water or fouled the air, mineral royalties fraud shouldn't be ignored as a concurrent story. Making sure energy giants pay their fair share and follow the law requires constant monitoring."

To read about the recent mineral fraud cases, go to:

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Mr. Smith gained international standing as an expert on oil company disasters in 2001 when he won the second largest verdict against Exxon for radioactive pollution left on Louisiana lands. 

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